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Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast for Japan 2015

(Original Writing on 30 January, 2015. The latest information is updated below.)
Cherry blossom (sakura) forecast for 2015 was released by Weather map. I am translating it into English.

According to the forecast, cherry blossoms start to open on 24 March in Tokyo and Nagoya, 27 in Osaka and Kyoto, and 22 in Fukuoka.
It is “normal or a little early” this year because the temperature in February and March will be so.
The forecast for Northern Japan is coming later in February.

The full-blooming day is forecast to be 1 April in Tokyo, 3 April in Osaka, 4 in Kyoto.

This is the forecast and diary of cherry blossoms in 2014, and you see, the problem is that the forecast changes many times.

I am going to update those changes in THIS post. And when I add some new information, I’ll inform you of the updates on Twitter and Facebook.

So keep this post for your exciting travel plan for cherry blossoms (sakura) this year!

Want to see MORE? 
Tokyo Direct Diary has reported A LOT about cherry blossoms in Tokyo with sightseeing guides.

(UPDATE on 5 February)
The forecast for the southern half of Northern Japan was released.
In Sendai, cherry blossoms will start to open on 10 April and the full-blooming day will be 15 April.
In Niigata, they will open on 9 and the peak will be 14.

Sendai is the biggest city in Northern Japan and famous for its Tanabata (Japanese Star Festival) in August.
The forecast for the northern half of Northern Japan is coming on 19 February. World Heritage Site Hiraizumi is there.

The forecast changed a bit.
In Tokyo, cherry blossoms will start to open on 25 March and get full-blooming on 2 April. 1 day later that the first forecast.

(UPDATE on 19 February)
Forecast for northern half of Northern Japan was released.
In Akita Prefecture, which is famous for an old samurai town and part of World Heritage Site Shirakami Mountains, it is 16 April for cherry blossoms to start to open, and 21 April to bloom fully.
In Iwate Prefecture, where Hiraizumi is inside, it is 18 April, 24 April.
In Aomori Prefecture, it is 23 April, 27 April.
So, in case your travel were too late to meet the peak in Tokyo in April, it’d be one of your options to plan a trip to Northern Japan. (Inside Tokyo City, another option is here.)

The forecast for Tokyo changed a bit again.
The opening day will be 26 March and the full-blooming day will be 3 April.

The forecast for Hokkaido, the north part of Japan, is coming on 26 February.
Also, I’ll update the latest forecast for Tokyo when it changes. (It happens often. Sometimes, it changes much. See how it did last year.)
Keep checking!

(UPDATE on 26 February)
The forecast for Hokkaido was released.
In Sapporo, the central city of Hokkaido, cherry blossoms will start to open on 30 April and reach the peak on 4 May.
In colder districts in Hokkaido such as Asahikawa, Wakkanai, Kushiro, etc, the season of cherry blossoms is early May. (In these districts, the kind of cherry blossom differs; It is Ezo-yamazakura, not Someiyoshino in the photo above.)

The forecast for Tokyo changed a bit again.
The opening day will be 25 March and the best day to view will be 3 April.

Talking about kinds of cherry blossoms, there are some species that bloom earlier or later than Someiyoshino well-known in the world as cherry blossoms.
For example, this kind blooms in early. At Imperial Palace/Chidorigafuchi, on 9 March last year.

Or, there is a different but famous kind of sakura. Weeping (drooping) cherry trees (Shidare-zakura) tend to bloom a little earlier than major Someiyoshino.

This photo was taken in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden last year, and Rikugien Gardens is very famous for its big weeping/drooping cherry tree as well as fall leaves.
Enjoy photos and stories last year until spring comes!

(Updated on 7 March)
Not cherry blossoms, but it is the season of plum blossoms in Tokyo now.
Photos and sightseeing guides are uploaded here. on 13 March)
The forecast changed.
In Tokyo, cherry blossoms will start to open on 24 March and they will bloom fully on 1 April.
cf: The forecast for Osaka – 25 March/2 AprilThe weather and temperature are unstable this week; It is cold this week.

So there are some possibilities that the cherry blossom forecast changes again. I keep updating the latest forecast in this post and inform you of any change via Twitter and Facebook.This forecast is based on Weathermap, a Japanese weather forecast company.

(Updated on 18 March)
The forecast for Tokyo changed a little.
The peak will be 1 April, so it hasn’t changed, but the day when cherry blossoms start to bloom will be 23 March.
The weather is unstable these days; It’s very warm this week. Considered of that, I feel that the forecast of this year is relatively stable.
Weather is very important when you go sakura viewing, so here is the link.
Links to Weather forecast for Tokyo

Well, this year, I am planning to visit some Japanese gardens in Tokyo City, which are famous for cherry blossoms, on the best days. Hopefully, Imperial Palace and Ueno Park as well.
When I visit any of them, I am going to upload photos with the maps and tourist information in new posts on this blog. I’ll inform you of them on Facebook, Twitter and here.
Don’t miss them!

(Updated on 19 March)
The forecast for Tokyo changed.
According to the latest forecast, they will start to bloom on 22 March, and bloom fully on 31 March. One day earlier than the old forecast.
It was warm in Japan this week, so cherry blossom season will come earlier than the average years.
The most beautiful spring days are coming day by day!

(Updated on 22 March)
Cherry blossoms started to open in Kyushu (=Southern Japan,) Nagoya and Shizuoka today!!
They will in Tokyo soon.
And a new post is coming tomorrow. It’s about cherry blossoms blooming early, a sakura spot in Tokyo City with photos. Don’t miss it!

(Updated on 23 March)
A new post about cherry blossoms UPLOADED! See photos of early blooming sakura –

(Updated on 23 March)
Cherry blossoms started to open in Tokyo today!!!
The peak will be 31 March.
Are you excited?
I’m going to upload full-blooming cherry blossom photos with sightseeing guides on this blog, so whichever you are visiting Japan or not, keep checking! Tokyo Direct Diary offers update email delivery by Feedburner. (See the sidebar. All free, no spam, easy to subscribe & unsubscribe.)
Until that time, enjoy Kawazu Sakura. See you soon!

(Updated on 27 March)
The forecast changed a little.
According to the latest forecast, cherry blossoms will open fully on 30 March in Tokyo. One day earlier than the old forecast. It will be warm this weekend, and that’s the reason.
A report is coming soon, really soon. With photos. Just wait for a while!

(Updated on 27 March)
Weeping cherry blossoms are blooming fully in Tokyo City! Enjoy photos and check out the location on the new post.

(Updated on 29 March)
A new post updated!
Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Spot – Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens – photos, reports and sightseeing guides

It is said that the best days to view cherry blossoms might be relatively short this year because of weather next week. The peak for the standard sakura lasts for around a week normally, but wind might blow them and shorten the peak.
The blue sky is important for sakura viewing – Links to weather forecast 

Anyway there are ways to enjoy Japanese beautiful spring with cherry blossoms of many kinds, and I keep uploading cherry blossom reports & photos on this blog.
The best days are coming on 30 March. See you again on Tokyo Direct Diary!

Weather map announced that cherry blossoms’ peak came to Tokyo today!!!
It is rare that Tokyo welcomes full-blooming sakura first in Japan.

It will be a beautiful, clear sunny day tomorrow, according to weather forecast.
Let’s go out with the best camera!! I’ll update some photos, too!!!

(Updated on 31 March)
A new post about the famous Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) in Ueno Park uploaded!
Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) Ueno, Japan – Why You Shouldn’t Miss Shinobazu Pond!
Personally, it’s the very best sakura spot in Tokyo. Enjoy wonderful photos!

(Updated on 2 April)
It’s at the peak now.
Imperial Palace / Chidorigafuchi Sakura Matsuri (cherryblossom festival) – Photos & Tourist Info

As far as I see it, Chidorigafuchi is one of the two greatest, and traditional sakura spots in Tokyo with Ueno Park Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).
See everything in Chidorigafuchi on the new post!

(Updated on 6 April)
Cherry blossoms are falling in Tokyo now. It is like snowflakes in winds, and like rafts in ponds!
If you are planning to view standard cherry blossoms, hurry up!
If you feel you are too late, it is too early to get disappointed. Again and again I am saying that cherry trees have many kinds. Some cherry blossoms bloom later than standard sakura. I’m going to upload a new post about cherry blossoms in April, and until then, get some tips from here.

(Updated on 10 April)
Cherry blossom season is leaving in West and East Japan including Tokyo.
Late-blooming cherry blossoms started to bloom little by little in Tokyo. I am going to upload a new post about it.

According to Weathermap, it was surprisingly cold in the 2nd week in April, but it will be warm in the 3rd, so cherry blossoms will bloom far earlier than average years in North Japan. For example, they started to open in Morioka, the central city of Iwate Prefecture in North Japan, on 9 April, which is earliest in the history. The peak will be 15 April in Morioka, Akita and Yamagata. In Sapporo, the central city of Hokkaido, cherry blossoms will start to open on 25 April and reach the peak on 29 April.

(Updated on 16 April)
Did you know?
Sakura Season has not ended in Tokyo!
See my new post!!

(Updated on 23 April)
Cherry blossoms finally started to open in Sapporo, the central city in Hokkaido, on 22 April!
It is 11 days earlier than the average years. It was warm this week and it will be so next week, too. That’s why cherry blossoms in Hokkaido are blooming so early.

(Updated on 28 April)
Cherry blossoms are fully blooming in Sapporo, which is 11 days earlier than average years. And they started to open in other cold cities in Hokkaido.
It is like summer in Hokkaido this week; It is over 30 degrees in some towns! The high temperature woke up cherry blossoms early.
So cherry blossom season is leaving in Japan at last.
I’ve made a new photo post, so if interested, explore spring flowers in Japan here.

(Last Update on 19 May)
Cherry blossom season has passed in the entire of Japan.

In 2015, cherry blossoms started to open much earlier in North Japan, earlier in East Japan (including Tokyo,) and a little earlier in West Japan than average years.

According to Weather Map, it is because there were many cold days last December, which woke up cherry buds smoothly, and it was relatively warm in February. Furthermore, warm days lasted since 27 March, so cherry blossoms rushed to bloom in West and East Japan. There were some cold days in the middle of April, but it became very warm again after that, so cherry blossom season came to North Japan much earlier than average years.

In Tokyo, cherry blossoms started to open on 23 March and reached the peak on 29 March in 2015.

As far as I see it as a local, yes, sakusa season came early this year again.
You can see the pace of cherry blossom season and how long it lasts since it reaches full-blooming.
Some of you might be thinking of visiting Tokyo for cherry blossoms some day and the others really came to Tokyo this year.

I emphasized again and again that some cherry blossoms bloom earlier or later than the standard kind of sakura. Even if you felt that it is difficult to plan a sakusa viewing trip on the best days, or you missed the peak unfortunately, it is too early to regret. Travel guidebooks do not tell everything about the place. You can enjoy cherry blossoms – if you are reading Tokyo Direct Diary. I really hope that you will enjoy beautiful days in spring at the most!

Want to see full-blooming standard sakura even so?
Cherry blossom forecast is for your wish like that! (Updated on 18 September, 2015 See also Trip Planning Advice for Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival Visitors to Japan by a Local)

Thank you for visiting Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast for Japan 2015!
I am going to start Cherry Blossom Forecast 2016 next January and upload some great cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. Until then, please enjoy my sakura posts of this year. I am very confident of all of them!
See you on Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast for Japan 2016!!

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      The cherry blossom forecast is a little different from this post. I'm translating weather map, a Japanese weather forecast site.
      But if you want sakura forecast in your iOS in your hand, the app is available here – Chéri Blossom.
      Anyway, thanks for telling me, Christian. It was very interesting!


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