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Plum (Ume) Blossoms in Shiba Park – Japanese Early Spring

Early March is the season of plum (= apricot =ume in Japanese) blossoms, before cherry blossoms.
I once showed Plum Blossom Festival in Mito, a northern city from Tokyo. But even if you are not going to take a trip to Mito, you have a lot of chances to view beautiful plum blossoms in Tokyo City.

Fully blooming plum blossoms

It is said that Yushima Tenjin Shrine near Ueno is famous for plum blossoms, but I’d like to show you another place with photos.

It is Shiba Park. I just talked about how to get to Tokyo Tower, and Shiba Park is at the foot of Tokyo Tower. With this explanation, you can see how beautiful the views are!

It is just next to The Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel and Zojoji Temple, too.

Tokyo Tower from Shiba Park

There is a small shrine of Shiba Toshogu. Exactly, Shiba Park is surrounding Tokyo Prince Hotel, Zojoji Temple, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and this Shiba Toshogu Shrine along the streets. So it is hard to tell which the spot you are standing belongs to.

Shiba Toshogu Shrine, not Ueno.

Toshogu Shrine reminds you of something if you have been reading this blog. Yes, Ueno Toshogu Shrine which is famous for its Winter Peony Garden!

Actually, there is large Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, a town north from Tokyo, and it has some branches in Tokyo. One of them is in Ueno, and another is here.

Well, it’s time to enjoy plum blossom photos.

Plum blossoms are rounder than cherry blossoms, and plum trees are shorter than cherry trees. But it is not difficult to find out the difference between cherry and plum; When cherry blossoms open, the season of plums has ended.

Plum trees

There are some color variations in plum blossoms. Pale pink blossoms in the first photo are the most well-know. Here are red ones.

Red plum blossoms

White blossoms are very major, too.

White plum blossoms (& red Tokyo Tower)

Vivid pink ones tend to bloom earlier than others.

Vivid pink plum blossoms

If you are a photographer, it’s a chance to take a great shot of Japanese ume blossoms and Tokyo Tower. I’m going to upload some more photos on my Flickr and Instagram.

In the end of this post, look down the ground and look up the sky.


Spring is coming. To view plum blossoms, Rikugien Gardens and Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens are beautiful, too. Actually, I am going to visit Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens for cherry blossoms in April this year.
Wait for the update and have a good day!

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