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All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station Part 1: Kawaii (Cute) Items

If you love some Japanese characters, there is a perfect place to go shopping in Tokyo Station. It’s Tokyo Character Street.

The point is that many character item shops gather in one single floor like a street, and importantly, all of them are official shops of the character!

In this article, I pick up the CUTE characters we can see there.

Tokyo Character Street thumbnail pic with Pikachu, Totoro, Kirby and Rilakkuma
I select cute characters this time. Do you find your favorites?

I’ll write the practical guide to get there as I always do. Enjoy!

Pokemon Store Tokyo Station

There are Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores in Japan, and the Stores are smaller than the Centers. We find a Store in Tokyo Character Street.

Pikachu on the wall and plushies in the shelf

Then, some of you may want to go to a bigger Center such as Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro for the full experience.

However, Pokemon Store in Tokyo Character Street can’t be missed.

This Pokemon Store has the latest Pokemon official items as well as the Centers. Located in the very central station where a lot of travelers stop by, they always offer a wide range of items. I think it’s satisfactory enough for many of you.

Pikachu plushies in Pokemon Store and some customers
There are always many visitors. So many items as well.

More importantly, you can’t meet the Station Master Pikachu items anywhere but here!

If you are a big fan of Pokemon, I think it’s another must-go.

Travel Tip: It depends on the display, but we have some chances to see the signatures of Junichi Masuda, Tsunekazu Ishihara and Shoko Nakagawa. See the proof here!

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Donguri Republic (Studio Ghibli Official Shop)

My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away… Studio Ghibli official shop has been a popular shop in Tokyo Character Street.

Totoro plushie handed on a tree

I must say that the official items sold at Donguri Republic are very, very high-quality.

Just small accessories, towels, dishes, dioramas are amazingly detailed. The mild, soft, natural tastes of Totoro and other Ghibli anime movies are realized very well.

A photo of Donguri Kyowakoku Store

They always offer wonderful seasonal items. Personally, I love the Totoro’s music box very much.

You might not have time to visit Ghibli Museum – or you are visiting Japan for Ghibli. Whichever you are, Tokyo Character Street is the perfect place.

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Rilakkuma Store

Rilakkuma is popular internationally now. I’ve learned on SNS how many Rilakkuma fans are in the world!

Rilakkuma in the station master costume in Tokyo Station

I think that Rilakkuma Store is the biggest shop in Tokyo Character Street. There are always many customers at the checkout counters.

A photo of Rilakkuma Store

Rilakkuma Store is in Kiddy Land Harajuku, too. Comparing the two Rilakkuma Stores, Tokyo Character Street has a wide range of Rilakkuma items beside Kiddy Land has other San-X characters such as Jimbe san, etc.

If you are a fan of Sumikko Gurashi, its official shop opened in Tokyo Character Street in 2017!

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Koupen-chan Store

I must say that the pandemic changed Tokyo Character Street so much. 

You may remember that I showed you Kapibara-san Shop in this article. When we go there, we find a new shop – Koupen-chan.

Koupen-chan Store in Tokyo Character Street
Koupen-chan Store

Honestly I don’t know this character very well, but at least the new comer is cute, too. Getting along with the tradition of Tokyo Character Street, the cute penguin wears the station master costume!

Sumikko-gurashi Shop

As I referred above, Sumikko-gurashi is a brand by Rilakkuma’s company.

The official shop opened in Tokyo Character Street in 2017 and got renewed during the pandemic.

Sumikkogurashi Shop in Tokyo Character Street
Sumikko-gurashi Shop was renewed in 2022.

Sumikko is a relatively new brand, but it’s pretty popular in Japan. It’s a collection of cute animals (and some foods!), so you’ll find your favorite characters.

Sumikko gurashi items and screen
The sumikko world is all pastel-colored!

In my opinion, it’s fantastic to get MANY of them and explore the world in your room.

If you are a cute character fan, this shop is a new must-see!

Kirby Cafe PETIT

I’m sure that some of you will be so excited to hear this. Kirby Cafe newly opened in Tokyo Character Street!!

A photo of Kirby Cafe PETIT
Kirby joined Tokyo Character Street!!

It’s named “cafe”, but all cakes and candies are to go. We can get the limited Kirby items, too.

Cakes in the shelf at Kirby Cafe
Cakes of Kirby & the magical items in the games!

Kirby Cafe is pretty popular. I think you can enter anytime, but if you want to make sure to buy the cakes and items, I advise you to go there before the station gets crowded.

Other 19 Shop List of Tokyo Character Street

So, how were the cute shops I showed you?

In addition, I’ll list up all the other shops in Tokyo Character Street.

  1. Precure Pretty Store
  2. Snoopy Town mini
  3. miffy style
  4. Shochiku Kabuki-ya Honpo
  5. Crayon Shin-chan Official Shop
  6. Sumikko Gurashi Shop
  7. Prism Stone Pripara Shop
  8. Tokyo Gashapon Street (capsule toys)
  9. JUMP SHOP (An official item shop of Shonen Jump, the leading manga magazine. It includes One Piece, Naruto, Breach, Dragon Ball, etc.)
  10. PLARAIL SHOP (miniature trains)
  11. TOMICA SHOP (miniature cars)
  12. Ultraman Shop (super heroes)
  13. LEGO click brick
  14. mofusand store
  16. K-spot (a mini shop by Kiddy Land, the toy store)
  17. Chiikawa Land
  18. Disney Avenue

There are SO MANY, aren’t they?

You’ll find some characters from foreign countries such as Disney, Miffy and Snoopy. You have some chances to see them in kimono or a station master costume!

Why You Can’t Miss Japanese TV Stations’ Official Shops

And the following are the shops of Japanese TV stations. They sell Japanese TV program related items, so their customers are mainly Japanese locals.

But, actually, you have chances to meet some popular character items there because the animes are broadcast by one of these TV stations. So I add some hints for you.

  1. NHK Character Shop
  2. Fuji TV Shop – One Piece anime, etc.
  3. TV TOKYO Shop – Pokemon anime, etc.
  4. TBS Store – K-on! anime, etc.
  5. Nittere-ya (Nihon TV shop) – Detective Konan, etc.
  6. TV ASAHI Shop – Doraemon, etc.

In Conclusion – to be continued.

Next time I talk about Tokyo Character Street, I’ll show you the other shops including kabuki shop. I’m so happy to share the cute characters I love!

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Visitor Information


Yaesu North Exit underground floor in Tokyo Station, inside First Avenue Tokyo Station (also called, Tokyo Eki Ichibangai in Japanese)

The Easiest JR Train Map & Subway Maps of Tokyo City – Have simplified train and subway maps for your comfortable trip to visit Tokyo Station!

Travel Tip: The subway station of Otemachi is connected to Tokyo Station.

How to get to Tokyo Character Street

Go out of Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station and go down stairs to B1 floor. Or, Go out of Yaesu Central Exit, go left and go down to B1 floor.

Travel Tip: Yaesu is the opposite side to Marunouchi exits. Yaesu is the east district of Tokyo Station, where some Daimaru and some other old department stores are. Marunouchi is a district leading to Imperial Palace that is famous for cherry blossoms.

Opening Hours of the Shops

10:00 – 20:30 every day

Link: First Avenue Tokyo Station Official Website (English)

Hotels Near Tokyo Station

Since Tokyo Station is the very central station, staying here will never be annoying for anyone.

There are 5-star luxury hotels including Shangri-La Hotel TokyoFour Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, etc. You’ll have the breathtaking views of Imperial Palace from some of them.

If you want a different experience from the worldwide hotels, The Tokyo Station Hotel is part of the station made of retro modern bricks!

Link: Hotels near Tokyo Station

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[Update History]

Originally published on 11 March, 2015. Updated in 2017 when some shops closed and new shops opened.

Fully renewed on 3 September, 2023.

4 thoughts on “All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station Part 1: Kawaii (Cute) Items

  • Fantastic! I really like the tamagotchi – they were very popular in Australia a few years ago, but are not so easy to find these days. I don't know why! It's interesting that I've seen all the characters, but not in such great numbers! It must be fun to shop along that street!

  • Hi, Red!

    I suppose that Bandai has feelings that it is not very easy to develop their tamagotchi brand internationally. But I met many tamagotchi fans in foreign countries in my blog and social media, so I believe that tamagotchi can be BIGGER than now, as Rilakkuma, and so on.

    It's a paradise for dot-eye character fans… like me!

  • Could do you know how to get to either tamagotchi stores from fussa?

    • Hi!
      Tamagotchi Store is inside Tokyo Station, and Tamagotchi Department Store is in Harajuku, so JR Chuo Line and Yamanote Line will take you there. It won't be difficult.
      See this simple JR train map of Tokyo.


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