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Pokemon Center Tokyo’s Birthday Presents!

Did you know? Pokemon Center Tokyo, Japan, the official Pokemon goods shop, has Birthday Presents for visitors!

In the month of your birthday, you can get them. For example, if you were born on 7th July, you are qualified from 1st July to 31 July.

Attention! Pokemon Center Tokyo is going to move from Hamamatsucho to Ikebukuro in December, 2014.  The exact date has not been fixed yet. (Updated on 1 Sep, 2014)

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo opened in Ikebukuro on 12 December and Pokemon Center in Hamamatsucho has closed. Their Birthday Presents do not change at all.
Please go to my new post: Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro – a Report of “Mega” Opening (Updated on 12 December, 2014)

You need something to show that it’s the month of your birthday. Your Passport is fine. Don’t forget taking it!

Then, what are the presents?

First, you’ll get a 5% Discount Coupon! (No photo because I used it…)

Inside Pokemon Center, everything except hardware and software in your shopping basket gets 5% off.

Be sure that this coupon is valid on the day you get it and that you can use it only once. (So let’s buy all the things you want through one check!)

Second, Birthday Paper Crown!

I was holding it in my hand, not on my head, but Pokemon Center staff members celebrated me! And you might ask me, “Why Flareon in the center?”
The answer is…


Pokemon Present to my Pokemon X/Y!!

I could choose one from Pikachu, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. Trainer Name is Pokemon Center and he has Birthday Ribbon. Moreover, he knows an original skill “Celebration.”

I’m not sure this present is for Pokemon XY of any language or only Japanese, so when you go there, please ask a staff member.

Lastly, an Original Birthday Card!




Translating the message,

“Wish the new year will be wonderful for you…

Be friends with Pokemons forever.

Pokemons are always with you!

Pokemon Center Staff Members”

Thank you, thank you so much, nice people at Pokemon Center Tokyo. I cannnot help feeling how precious it is to celebrate the day when someone was born to the world.

Thank you for reading and see you again!

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Center Tokyo’s Birthday Presents!

  • Great post! Just so people know, "Booster", or "Buusutaa" is "Flareon" in English!

    Do you know if they still offer birthday presents? I will be there on my birthday and wouldn't mind the 5% off!

    • Hi,
      Yes, Pokemon Centers still offer us the birthday presents. (Not Pokemon Stores, the smaller official shops.) It'll be a Happy Birthday for you!

      And thank you very much for telling me about Flareon! I've corrected it. I always look up Pokemons' English names in a fan site, so I learned that the fan site was… WRONG!


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