A Guide to Hamamatsucho – All About its Attractions, Hotels and Transportation

As I wrote in Accommodation Advice, Tokyo is a large city with many interesting districts and hundreds of hotels.

In this post, I show you how fascinating the district around Hamamatsucho Station is. (I know it’s so hard for many people to pronounce the name of this station. To make it easy, divide it into 3 parts, “Hama- matsu-cho.” In Japanese language, it is written in 3 characters.)

I suppose some of you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo and confused with the place-names like Ginza, Shiodome, Shinbashi, Tsukiji, etc. For example, you might wondering, “Is Inter Continental Tokyo Bay good enough for me?”
The key to find the best hotel for you in Tokyo is to understand the map and the train stations. I hope this post will be helpful for you!

First of all, open The Easiest JR Train Map.

As I have written some times, it is a good idea for you to make sure where in Tokyo you want to visit. 

How Convenient Hamamatsucho Is

Hamamatsucho Station is a very convenient place to go everywhere in Tokyo with JR Yamanote Line and JR Keihin Tohoku Line.

If you have a plan to take a plane from Haneda Airport, Hamamatsucho is the terminal station of Tokyo Monorail to go there.

A List of Some Hotels around Hamamatsucho – For The Quickest Hotel Booking

cf: Link to a Map to Hamamatsucho Bus Terminalhttps://www.hatobus.com/
Many international tourists look for this bus terminal to join Hato Bus tours or something like that, so this is the link to the map.

Not only convenience. The point is that the district has beautiful views of Tokyo’s bay side area. Some attractions are there.

Let’s meet them with many photos! There are some cherry blossoms as well…

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

It has not been working as a broadcasting tower since Tokyo Skytree opened, but it is still be loved as a symbol of Tokyo. You’ll see how attractive the red tower is in all-silver building scenery of Tokyo. At night, it is lighted up.
The important fact is that Hamamatsucho is the nearest JR train station to Tokyo Tower!

New Post: How to get to Tokyo Tower – the simplest explanations & maps
Official Website: http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/eng/secret/index.html

Pokemon Center Tokyo

(*The old Pokemon Center Tokyo that used to be in Hamamatsucho)

Pokemon official goods shop run by the Pokemon Company! Some are sold only here. Great for souvenirs. Visitors are from all over the world.

Tip: Did you know Pokemon Center’s birthday presents?

Attention!  Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo opened in Ikebukuro on 12 December and Pokemon Center in Hamamatsucho has closed. Their Birthday Presents do not change at all. Please read my new post: Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro – a Report of “Mega” Opening (Updated on 12 December, 2014)

And there is a famous theater for locals around Hamamatsucho.

I’ll tell you 2 more GREAT places. Actually, my heart do NOT want to tell them to people. Yes, they are hidden gems. But you visited my blog, so I introduce them with Thanks to you!

1. Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Gardens

There is a beautiful Japanese Garden just in front of the busy train station.

Built by a samurai in the 17th century, it is one of the oldest samurai gardens which remain today, along with Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens. Now it is registered as a Place of Scenic Beauty of the country.

It’s calm in the middle of the megalopolis. Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Japanese garden of Kyu Shiba Rijyu by Hamamatsucho Station

Opening Hours
9:00 – 17:00
Entrance Fee: 150 yen for an adult

How to get there? It’s just in front of Hamamatsucho Station! You won’t miss it. This is the entrance.

The entrance

I visited there in late March, Tokyo’s cherry blossom season. For cheery blossom viewers, they held an event. It was a Japanese traditional music band.

A Japanese music event at Kyu Shiba RIkyu Gardens

Their music was so cool with full-blooming sakura.This park hold some small, free events in high seasons like this.

Wisteria would bloom in the rack of left side in early May.

Wisterias in Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens

Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Garden is famous for fall leaves in autumn as well.

You see, this garden is made up for a large pond and plants surrounding it. There are photographers, people visiting the local theater, tourists with suitcases waiting for the time to go to Haneda Airport, picnicking families, office workers around Hamamatsucho Station, etc.

Cherry blossoms in Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens

It’s like a hill that is full of cherry blossoms.

“Sakura Hill” in Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens
Fully Blooming Cherry Blossoms by the pond

On Sakura Info of Shinjuku Gyoen Park, I wrote the meaning of bridges for Japanese gardens.

A bridge in the large pond – It’s a typical beauty of Japanese gardens.

In this garden, the island represents for Horai-san, a mountain where holy ascetics live in Chinese legends. This sign explains so.

Tokyo Tower is over there. And the brown building is… Go to the next topic below.

Cherry Blossoms and Tokyo Tower

Turtles are sunbathing on a rock.

Easy-going turtles

Do you want to know in what way this garden is so good? In my opinion, it is excellent and compact at the same time.

It is far smaller than famous Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Hama-Rikyu Garden, etc, but it has every essence of beauty of Japanese gardens. I’m sure you will experience the most without being exhausted by walking too much. The entrance fee is very cheap. (In my opinion, these parks should be free, anyway.) In cherry blossom season, you’ll easily enjoy full-blooming sakura on a bench.

Tourist attractions which are on every travel guidebook are not all. I proudly recommend this for international travelers.

2. Seaside Top (World Trade Center Building’s Observatory Deck)

If you are planning a travel to Tokyo, you possibly read a guide book like Lonely Planet or something like that in your language. And many of you are interested in an observatory such as Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills, etc.

Which is the best of them?

I DEFINITELY recommend World Trade Center Building just in front of Hamamatsucho Station. This dark brown building is.

World Trade Center Building by Hamamatsucho Sta.

Why choose that minor place?

You’ll see both of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, which are now symbols of Tokyo! Locals say Tokyo’s view is quite strange without the red tower and the new cool tower.

This observatory solves this problem. You’ll feel, “Oh, we are in Tokyo!” with the two towers. Back at home, you’ll proudly show your photos to your friends, saying, “Look! It’s Tokyo! See Tokyo Tower and Skytree!”

The deck itself is excellent. 152 meters high. It’s higher than Tokyo Tower’s normal deck. It is clean with some seasonal decorations, comfortable, calm and relaxing. Tokyo’s main tourist attractions are pretty crowded, but it isn’t. You’ll have a great time here.

It’s Tokyo Tower from the observatory deck.

Tokyo Tower from Seaside Top

How about taking some photos of you? The silver building next to Tokyo Tower is Roppongi Hills.

See this? It’s the Japanese garden from above! Find the bridge and the island.

Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens from Seaside Top!
The scenery of bay side area makes us feel free.
Modern Tokyo Bay from Seaside Top

You’ll ask me, “So, where is Tokyo Skytree?” It’s between the two building at the middle of the photo below.

You must get disappointed, “Is Skytree this small??”

NO, of course! Actually, Skytree in this photo was UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I took these photos in winter of a few years ago. Now this is a rare photo!

Tokyo Skytree UNDER CONSTRUCTION is over there!

When the sky is clear and sunny, we can see Mt. Fuji! Wish your good luck!

(Updated in 2017: World Trade Center Building is going to close in 2021 for renovation.)

Opening Hours
10:00 – 20:30 (to 20:00 for entrance)

Entrance Fee: 620 yen for adult, 360 yen for elementary & Junior High School students, 260 yen for kids
Official PDF for international visitors

5-Star Hotels near Hamamatsucho & Shimbashi Station

If you have searched for a good hotel, one of the hotels below may be in your mind.

There are a lot of 5-star hotels in Tokyo. Actually, some of them are not located in very convenient places, (I strongly hope you avoid them to make your travel better!) but these hotels are convenient to visit anywhere in Tokyo. Some are international luxury hotel chains and others are run by Japanese hotel companies, but undoubtedly, all of them are 5 Star Hotels.

Browse them and find your best choice.
If one of them is in your mind, no need to hesitate to book it!

Hamamatsucho is the district of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Bay. Expect excellent views! And in my opinion, Monorail is the best way to go to Haneda Airport because of the beautiful bay side views which make me excited, “Oh, I’m flying today!”

If you are going to visit Asakusa and/or O-Daiba, the beautiful modern bay side district, Shinbashi has good connections by Ginza Subway Line and Yurikamome Line.

cf: The Easiest JR Train Maps & The Easiest Subway Maps by Tokyo Direct Guide – You will understand complicated Tokyo City soon with these maps!

More Hotels around Hamamatsucho & Shimbashi

Imperial Palace, Ginza, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Tower…. You’ll learn which is where by scrolling the Google Map.

When you book a hotel in Tokyo, what you should check is the nearest STATION.
You’ll find many hotels in the wide range of features and prices.
Not only 5 Star hotels, there are also reasonable hotels near Hamamatsucho Station.

I strongly wish you’ll have a comfortable trip in Tokyo – This is one of the missions of Tokyo Direct Guide.

Tokyo is known as a very complicated city, but if you learn some tips that locals know, you can travel so FREELY and enjoy much more of Tokyo.

Glad if this post is helpful for you!


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