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How to Get to Tokyo Skytree – The Easiest Guide by a Local Blogger

“How to Get to Tokyo Tower” has been one of the most popular articles in Blog Tokyo Direct Diary. Then, I should write the same kind of article about the other iconic tower, shouldn’t I? It’s time for me to navigate your way to Tokyo Skytree!

I’ve told you so many times in Tokyo Direct Guide that Tokyo is a large complicated city. I know that tourist spots gather in a single main street in some cities in the world, but Tokyo is completely different. You need to take a train to go anywhere!

In this article, I’ll explain how to get to Tokyo Skytree practically.

World’s Simplest Guides to Tokyo Skytree Sorted by Your Location

My first question is, “Where in Tokyo are you now? / Where in Tokyo are you going to stay?” Tokyo is a large city. “Where in Tokyo” is always important – when you plan a trip, book a hotel or whatever you do.

Open The Easiest JR Train Map & The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo (the links will open in new windows) to understand what I’m talking about.

If you are in Asakusa

Congrats, you are the closest person to Skytree in Tokyo!

You just get on a train of Tobu Skytree Line to Tokyo Skytree Station (the 1st station from Asakusa) or Asakusa Subway Line to Oshiage (the 2nd station). Whichever you take, you’ll arrive at the same place.

If you are going to Skytree by train (from Asakusa or anywhere else), your goal is Oshiage or Tokyo Skytree Station. Both stations are connected with each other just under Skytree, so when you go out by escalator, you’ll say, “Wow, that’s it!”

Asakusa Travel Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide

If you are in Ueno

First, take a Ginza Subway Line train to go to Asakusa. When you arrive at Asakusa, go the same way I wrote above. So easy!

Ueno Travel Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide

If you are in Nihonbashi, Higashi Ginza (near Tsukiji Market), Shinbashi, Shinagawa or Haneda Airport

Take Asakusa Subway Line to Oshiage. Luckily, you don’t need to change trains!

(If you are in Shinagawa or Haneda Airport, the railway name is Keikyu Line, which is connected to Asakusa Subway Line. If you are unlucky enough to get on a train that doesn’t go further than Sengakuji, just wait for the next train. It won’t be painful – the bad luck won’t damage your holiday at all.)

If you are in Shibuya

Get on a train of Hanzomon Subway Line. Oshiage is the 13th station from Shibuya. It might be a little long, but the way is so simple, so I think you are lucky.

Shibuya Travel Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide

If you are in Tokyo Station

You have 2 options.

First, you can take a Hanzomon Subway Line train at Otemachi, which is connected to Tokyo Station. Many people don’t know, but Tokyo and Otemachi are the same station! This is a simple way, so I recommend it.

Second, there is a Skytree Shuttle bus stop at Tokyo Station. If you like buses better than subways, choose this way.

If you are in Odaiba district, Ryogoku or Tokyo Disney Resort

There are Skytree Shuttle buses from these districts. Ask a concierge at your hotel where the bus stop is exactly.

If you are in other places in Tokyo

Just think of going to Asakusa first.

Some of you are staying in Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, aren’t you? Actually, these popular places are NOT convenient to visit Skytree… I repeat that your hotel location is very important for your travel in Tokyo because THIS happens!!!

But even if you’ve booked a hotel there, you don’t need to give up anything. You CAN go to Skytree. Don’t worry.

If you are in Ikebukuro, the most efficient way is to take Marunouchi Subway Line to Otemachi and change trains into Hanzomon Subway Line to Oshiage. I think it’s also a good idea to take JR Yamanote Line to Ueno first and follow the way I wrote above.

If you are in Shinjuku, you have too many options to get to Skytree. In my opinion, the fastest way is this; take Shinjuku Subway Line to Kudanshita and change trains into Hanzomon Subway Line. If you like a simpler way and major stations, you can take JR Chuo Line to Kanda, where you can catch a Ginza Subway Line train to Asakusa.

The 3 Ways to Tokyo Skytree Summarized

When you look up a way to Tokyo Skytree, it means you think of how to get to one of the 2 stations or find a Skytree Shuttle bus stop. In short, there are 3 ways (using public transportation).

The Entrance of Tokyo Skytree

1: Oshiage Station of Hanzomon & Asakusa Subway Line

When planning to go to Skytree, it’s a good idea to look for a Hanzomon or Asakusa Subway Line station near you. In this case, Oshiage is your goal.

Remember that Oshiage and Tokyo Skytree are the same station – they are connected to each other, so the exit is the same. Even if Oshiage, which is the local town’s name, sounds “???” to you, you don’t need to worry anything.

2: Tokyo Skytree Station of Tobu Skytree Line

It is called Tobu Isezaki Line as well. In fact, “Skytree Line” is a nickname. Tobu is the railway company’s name.

The trains are running from northern part of Tokyo to Saitama Prefecture. So Skytree Line might not be very familiar to people in other districts in Tokyo.

3: Skytree Shuttle Buses

The bus stops are in Tokyo Station, Odaiba district, Ryogoku and Tokyo Disney Resort. If you are in one of these places, just jump on the bus. An easy way is so relieving, isn’t it?

In Conclusion

Hope this guide will help you to go to Tokyo Skytree.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, I hope you read hotel advise I listed below. In Tokyo, it depends on your hotel location whether your trip is stressful or stress-free. You are thinking of visiting Skytree, aren’t you? Then, this article is a hint to find a good place to stay, too.

Have a wonderful trip in Tokyo!

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