Kawaii Character News – September, 2017


  1. All About Pokemon Center Skytree Town
  2. List & Guide of the New Shops in Tokyo Character Street!
  3. Rascal is all around Harajuku

Hi there! This issue of Kawaii News is IMPORTANT. I’m writing about another Pokemon Center in Tokyo with practical guides as I always do in Tokyo Direct Guide project. Also, as I told you last month, some new shops came to Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station! Never miss them!

1: All About Pokemon Center Tokyo Skytree

There are 3 Pokemon Centers in Tokyo (September, 2017). Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, Pokemon Store Tokyo Station and this Pokemon Center Skytree Town! *

pokemon center tokyo skytree town, japan

Skytree is a new symbol of Tokyo. Not only the observatories, there are big shopping centers at the foot – it’s Solamachi (meaning “sky town” in Japanese). Pokemon Center is inside there.

tokyo skytree, tokyo, japan
Tokyo Skytree seen from the foot

See, Pokemon Center Skytree Town features “sky” images. Pikachu is on Rayquaza!

pokemon center tokyo skytree store, tokyo, japan


pokemon center tokyo skytree, japan


pokemon center tokyo skytree japan


pokemon center tokyo skytree town, tokyo, japan

Although this store is smaller than Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro, it still has TONS of wonderful pokemon items.

pokemon center tokyo skytree

I personally feel that there are many Japanese designs in Skytree Town store. I suppose it’s for international visitors to Skytree.

pokemon center tokyo skytree town

I saw some items of sky images such as Jirachi, etc. I’m not sure it is always so, but things about the sky tend to come to Skytree Town store!

pokemon center tokyo skytree town, japan

The store holds events as well. When I visited there, many children were throwing Pyukumukus… If you play Pokemon Sun & Moon, you know what I mean. I didn’t throw Pyukumukus, but I downloaded some limited data to my Pokemon Sun.

pokemon center tokyo skytree town, japan

If you are a big fan of pokemon, it’s just great to visit all the 3 Pokemon Centers in Tokyo!

Shop Data

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00

Location: Tokyo Skytree Solamachi East Yard 4th Floor

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* There is Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay, but it is located in Chiba Prefecture, not in Tokyo.

2: List & Guide of the New Shops in Tokyo Character Street!

There are many official shops of Japanese characters in Tokyo Station – it is Tokyo Character Street. It became bigger when it renewed in late July. Some new shops opened, so I’m listing them up here!

Sukikko Gurashi Shop

sumikko gurashi shop in tokyo station character street 1

I think this shop is the most important for Kawaii News readers. The official shop opened in Tokyo Character Street! OK, I can hear screams of joy from Rilakkuma fans!!

sumikko gurashi shop in tokyo station character street 2

Personally, this Sumikko Gurashi Shop is EXCELLENT. Not only the wide range of soft pastel items, the atmospheres in the shop is very dreamy. Especially, the cream cheese pies baked inside the shop are fantastic!

sumikko gurashi shop in tokyo station character street 3

I believe Kawaii News readers will be very happy about this Sumikko Gurashi Shop. The big Rilakkuma Store is near, so you’ll be even happier!

Yokai Watch Yorozu Mart

yokai watch store tokyo station character street

Yokai Watch popup shops were sometimes open in Tokyo Character Street, but it finally became a regular shop. As the other shops do, they sell limited Station Master Jibanyan plush. Never miss it!

Crayon Shinchan Official Shop

crayon shin chan shop tokyo character street

Crayon Shin chan is a popular anime lasting for decades. Its official shop opened in Tokyo Character Street.

I know how Shin chan looks like, but I didn’t watch the anime at all in my childhood…

If I were a Lonly Planet writer, I’d have to offer any general information of the place by pretending I knew anything. But I am an independent blogger, so I’m honest. I’m not interested in what I’m not interested in.  I just say, if you like Shin chan, yes, I think this shop is wonderful with so many goods.

Prism Stone Pripara Shop

pripara store tokyo station character street

The official store of Pripara opened.

…Again, I don’t know what Pripara is about at all…

If I were a government’s tourism bureau worker, I’d tell you everything in Tokyo is so cool that you should explore. But Tokyo Direct Guide project is completely independent, so I’m honest. I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t feel I have the duty to search and learn animes I’m not interested in. I saw some people looking like Pripara fans were excited to visit this shop, so it’ll be a dream destination for you if you are a fan, too.

LEGO (Renewal Open)

logo shop tokyo station character street

If you say, “Hey, Lego Shop was on the list you wrote before!”, you are right. Lego shop is not a newbie in Tokyo Character Street. It just moved to a bigger space!

Tokyo Gashapon Street

gashapon capsule toys tokyo station character street

It’s a little different from a “shop”, but there is a space with a lot of capsule toys. As far as I saw it, many are those of super heroes and heroines. Tokyo Gashapon Street is next to Pokemon Store Tokyo Station.


Do you like the new shops? I personally love the Sumikko Gurashi shop very much and you will, too!

Totoro, Rilakkuma, Kapibara san… they started to sell schedule books for the next year in September. When Halloween approaches, character shops become so cute and magical. It’s a wonderful season to go to Tokyo Character Street!!

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3: Rascal is all around in Harajuku

I wrote about how cute Rascal was in the past months. I finally met him in the streets in Harajuku!

It seems Rascal is collaborating with sweets this time. He was on the wall of my beloved Marion Crepe in Takeshita Street, too!

Rascal the Raccoon is originally an anime released in 1977, which is based on an Americal novel. (Wikipedia: Rascal the Raccoon) It became very popular when it was on-air. I think so many Japanese people know him today. The story had a sad ending, so today’s lovely design is kind of a spin-off.

I’m HAPPY about that!!

Link – Harajuku Sightseeing Guide


I hope this issure of Kawaii News will be helpful for you. In the next issue, I’ll write the final review of Appmon (Digimon Universe Appli Monsters) which is ending on 30 September. See you in October!

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