Accommodation Advice Near Airports

Narita Airport

Some of you must want to take a rest near the Airport because of jet lag.


Generally, Narita is NOT a very convenient place. But big hotel chains know that there are needs for hotels around international airports, so they make their hotels convenient and comfortable for tired guests. Many hotels offer free shuttles between Narita Airport and them.


However, if you do not think you need to stay there, I recommend booking a hotel in Tokyo City. It takes just 36 minutes from Narita Airport to Tokyo by the fastest Keisei Skyliner.


Tokyo is a large city with interesting districts and hundreds of hotels. It is a good idea to browse other Accommodation Advice if you have some time to search a good hotel for you at this moment.

How can I get to Tokyo City from Narita Airport?

I recommend 3 ways.


1: Keisei Skyliner - the fastest!
You will be at Nippori Station, a convenient station in Tokyo, in 36 minutes. Also stops at Ueno in 41 minutes. Personally I like Skyliner the best because the train cars are very confortable.
2,470 yen, 36 minutes to Nippori (Keisei lines have slower and cheaper options as well.)


2: Airport Limousine - door to door!
Its biggest feature is that Airport Limousine buses take you from Narita Airport to major hotels in Tokyo! While relaxing, you'll arrive at your hotel lobby. Check whether it stops when you book a hotel.
Around 3,000 yen, 80 minutes (depends on your destination)
cf: A List of Major Hotels where Airport Limousine stops


3: JR Narita Express - direct access to major districts!
If you book a hotel in Tokyo Station, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Yokohama, you'll get to these stations directly from Narita Airport.
3,020 yen, 59 minutes to Tokyo Station


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Haneda Airport

Just in case you want to stay near Haneda Airport (mainly domestic airlines), here are links to hotels there. If you do not have a specific reason to stay there, (for example your flight is scheduled very early,) hotels in Tokyo City are convenient enough to go to Haneda Airport.


  • The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda

    A brand new hotel opened in September, 2014. Haneda Airport International Terminal directly connects to this hotel. Book now if you want!

Book Royal Park Hotel The Haneda through


  • Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
  • Located IN Haneda Airport Terminal 2. Book as soon as possible, if you want! Everyone is thinking the same thing and this hotel often gets full-booked.

Book Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu through


Book Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo through


If you want an easy access to Haneda, I recommend booking a hotel in Shinagawa or Hamamatsu-cho Station, where you can get the direct train (from Shinagawa) or monorail (from Hamamatsucho).


Hotels near Shinagawa Station


With Keikyu Line from Shinagawa Station, you will arrive at Haneda Airport in 15 minutes from Shinagawa. It is very convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo with JR Lines.
Furthermore, Shinkansen trains (Japanese superexpresses) stop at Shinagawa Station, so it will be a great advantage to stay there if you are thinking of visiting Kyoto or Osaka.
See it on Blog: Shinagawa in Tokyo: 5 Reasons to Stay There - Shinagawa Prince Hotel Attractions


Book a hotel near Shinagawa Station.


Hotels near Hamamatsucho Station


The district near Hamamatsucho Station has some breathtaking views of Tokyo. There is a beautiful Japanese garden just next to the station and Tokyo Tower is seen nearby.
Personally I prefer to Monorail to go to Haneda because I can see Tokyo's beautiful seaside area from the window before my flight.
See it on Blog: A Guide to Hamamatsucho


Book a hotel near Hamamatsucho Station.


How can I get to Tokyo City from Haneda Airport?

There are 2 major ways and Airport Limousine buses to hotels.

  • Keikyu Line
  • You will arrive at Shinagawa Station. Keikyu Line connects to Asakusa Subway Line directly, so if you book a hotel in Tsukiji or Asakusa, just get on a Keikyu train. Higashi-Ginza station to Tsukiji Market, Asakusa Station to Asakusa.
    13 minutes to Shinagawa Station on Airport Rapid Trains, 407 yen.

  • Tokyo Monorail
  • The direct rapid monorails from/to Haneda are very fast and convenient. The trains have some space to put baggage for travelers. You will arrive at Hamamatsucho Station, a cool bay side district with attractions and good accesses to Tokyo's must-sees.
    14 minutes to Hamamatsucho Station on Airport Rapid Trains, 483 yen.