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FAQ about Tokyo Disney Resort & its Tanabata (Star) Festival

A Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort by a Local Blogger

Are you new to Tokyo Disneyland? Or you heard of fantastic things that exist only in Tokyo but not very sure? In this article, I’m listing 6 questions and answers so that you can learn all the basic information about Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

Q1: What does Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan include?

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of Disney hotels, shopping centers and the main TWO Disney Parks; one is Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) and the other is Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS).

Land is the original park that opened in 1983 and Sea newly opened in 2001.

Q2: What is Tokyo DisneySea?

Disney Sea is a theme park “Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail.”

Aqua Sphere, the symbol of Tokyo Disney Sea

It is one of Disneylands in the world, so you’ll meet Disney characters everywhere, try roller coasters, ride on merry-go-rounds, see parades, watch a show at the theater, etc.

The difference is that everything in Disney Sea is based on the theme of “sea”.

Walking the 7 areas is like a voyage to the 7 seas in the world. So…

  • Disney characters are in voyagers’ costumes.
  • Stories are about adventures.
  • Many attractions are boats and ships
  • …And everything in Disney Sea is about the oceans.

Talking practically,

  1. Duffy the Disney Bear is only in Disney Sea. You CAN’T meet Duffy & ShellieMay in Tokyo Disney LAND. Be careful, Duffy fans!
  2. Alcoholic drinks are available only in Sea.

Q3: Which is better, Disney Land or Disney Sea?

It depends on your taste. Disney Sea features cool and fashionable images beside Land is the realization of Disney worlds. What do you expect to a Disneyland?

Personally, I like Sea better than Land. The reasons are the following.

  1. Cool, fashionable and romantic atmospheres
  2. Adventures. I can explore distant worlds inside the park.
  3. I love ships.
  4. Disney Sea is only in Japan. There is no Disney Sea in the WORLD but in Tokyo!

Frankly, I’m not going to Land when I visit Tokyo Disney Resort. Sea is really a good theme park to spend my holiday, so I get satisfied completely.

Venetian Gondola in Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan

But I might belong to the minority. Many people saying they love Land better than Sea because some of them are Disney fans, so Disney things are more important than adventures and cool atmospheres. Others want to ride many kinds of attractions rather than ships

So I think that Land will be a better place if…

  1. You are a Disney fan who want to explore Disney AND
  2. You are not a collector whose heart gets captured by rare items. You are not interested in cool atmospheres.
  3. Options: Tokyo is more familiar than California and Florida, which are Disney’s home. Or you understand Japanese.

Of course, you have a choice to spare 2 or more days for TDR and visit BOTH.

Q4: What is Tanabata?

Tanabata is the traditional Japanese Star Festival on 7 July.

It is a fun and romantic event where people decorate bamboos and make wishes to stars. I’ve written the original things to do and the tale in All About Tanabata – Tales & Traditions of the Japanese Star Festival.

Q5: Then, what is “Disney Tanabata Days”?

Tokyo Disney Resort recently started Tanabata events as well as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Some Tanabata programs were launched in Land in 2007 and they are getting better and bigger. In Sea, Tanabata Days started in 2014.

Tanabata paintings in Resort Gateway Station

I suppose Tanabata sounded excellent to Disney people because it is a festival to make wishes to stars. There are similar things in Disney, so it is possible to hold interesting events in their theme parks.

Things to do & see at Disney Tanabata Days are written in A Report of Tanabata Days in Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan. You can make wishes in the Japanese Tanabata style in a Disneyland. So interesting, isn’t it?

Remember, you cannot see Tanabata events anywhere in the world but in Tokyo, Japan!

Q6: How about accommodation? Are there any Disney-related hotels?

There are hotels with partnership with Tokyo Disney Resort. Some are located just next to TDR and others offer shuttle buses and baggage related services. If you are visiting Tokyo Disney Resort during your stay, it’s a smart choice to stay at one of them.

I’ve made up a list of hotels for international visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort. You can learn about the special benefits just in 1 page. Moreover, when you find a favorite hotel, you can book it from the links. Have a look.

Accommodation Advice for Tokyo Disney Resort Guests – Tokyo Direct Guide

Q7: How many and where in the world are Disney lands?

There are 8 Disneylands in the world.

  • Disneyland Resort in California (The very original)
  • Walt Disney World Resort in Florida
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Shanghai Disneyland (Opened in spring, 2016)
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Aulani Disney Resort & Spa (in Hawaii)
  • Disney Cruise Line (Cruise Ship)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan

Whichever you are an enthusiastic Disney fan heading for Disney Tanabata Days or just dreaming, hope this article will be helpful.

But can I repeat my personal favorite at the end? Disney Sea is ONLY IN TOKYO!

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