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Halloween in Shibuya, Japan: Photos of How it was like IN DAYTIME

As a local blogger in Tokyo, I went to have a look at Scramble Crossing in Shibuya on Halloween. In daytime. NOT at night.

I felt I had to report the latest trend that the streets in Shibuya are leading, but I wasn’t brave enough to go there in the evening… The street would get JAMMED with people in costume as I warned you on social media!

In spite of my worries, Shibuya Station was almost same as usual except some people in costume. You’ll agree with me.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing in the AFTERNOON on Halloween

It was around noon. We can find some people in costume, but they are not the majority.

I saw some people in costume saying, “It is not so crowded now!” This is the part of Shibuya Station where we can see the avant-garde painting by Taro Okamoto for free.

Let’s find Mario & Luigi in Shibuya Station!

For me, who survived super crazy crowds in Tokyo so many time, this is nothing.

Scramble Crossing. As crowded as usual.

But at night, the situations completely change!

I was a coward who didn’t jump into the festival. So if interested, please search “Halloween in Japan” or something like that on photo sharing sites such as Flickr…

Just a glance tells everything of Halloween in Shibuya – and it’s just so fun to see them!!

Halloween has been getting super popular for these several years in Japan. It seems that the Halloween boom looks just crazy for some people. It’s true that some of those people in costume leave their rubbish in the streets, occupy restrooms to change their closes, and cause traffic jam to the point that many police officers have to go traffic controlling.

But I personally stand for this Halloween boom because

  1. Freedom must be there. What’s more, considering that Japanese people are so silent and shy in daily lives, it is very important that people can be excited and do activities to express themselves. Many of the excited people in costume at Halloween night are ordinary people, not regular cos-players.
  2. Culture by common individuals is the energy of the society. Halloween became popular by people rather than by business managers as Japanese Valentine’s Day did.
  3. We can find some ways to solve traffic and rubbish problems.
  4. October has been the season of festivals for harvest in Japan for thousands of years. There is a similarity between Halloween and Japanese customs! It is not strange that Halloween was widely accepted in Japan.

Tokyo Direct Guide stands for the philosophy that every traveler is independent and mature enough to make a decision when having appropriate information.

It depends on you whether you dive into the excitement or avoid the crowds if you travel in Tokyo at Halloween night!

Me? No, thanks. I’m a person who is not interested in cos-playing at all.

Happy Halloween as you like! That’s freedom that people with many kind of favorites are living together.

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