The Most Interesting Hair Accessory in Harajuku!!

The first post after renewal of Tokyo Direct Guide is about a hair accessory in Harajuku , the trendiest district in Japan!

An accessory shop in Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

It’s a great idea to get a fascinating accessory and stroll Takeshita Street with wearing it. At least, I do so when I visit Harajuku.
Hair accessories, necklaces, pins, rings, earrings… Any accessories are available at very very reasonable prices here.

Accessory shops like this Paris Kid’s are leading trends. For example, they have many corsages to put on your head because it’s the trend of this spring. There are also seasonal accessories such as anklets in summer and earmuffs in winter.

Well, I had a hair accessory that I longed to try for a long time. I was worried that I’d look a little eccentric – I’m not a cos-player – but I thought it was time to advance when I visited Harajuku last time. I am a blogger now!
This is the one.

Hair Extension (wine red) only 300 yen

Tip: Paris Kid’s offer some discounts for international customers. Take your passport to show and get everything you want at even cheaper prices!

Then, how do you use it?
Let’s see it.

It has a small comb. Just push it, and it will open.

Then, just snap it on your hair!

Interesting, isn’t it?
I don’t need to dye my hair and I can add red hair!
If your hair is short like mine, you can cut it to fit your length.

Get a hair-extension, put it on the spot in Takeshita Street and extend your excitements in Harajuku!!There are color variations; You can choose bright colors.
I chose wine red, the quietest color of all, but there are bright, very bright pink, blue, etc.


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