Tokyo Direct Guide RENEWAL!!

You may know it on Facebook or TwitterTokyo Direct Guide, the main site of Tokyo Direct Diary, has renewed!!
http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/The biggest difference of the New Look is simple; It has become friendly to iPhone, Android, and Tablets!

I intended to make Tokyo Direct Guide all-in-one travel guide website that would be in your pocket during your stay in Tokyo from the start-up.
But the problem was that it was a website for PC… When you connected to Tokyo Direct Guide from iPhone or something like that, it was still a PC site.

Now finally, Tokyo Direct Guide is the best friend for your travel in Tokyo & Japan!

Before Your Travel,

  1. You can find the best hotel for your needs quickly with Accommodation Advice,
  2. Book the hotel,
  3. And have much time to be excited to explore Tokyo’s Must-See & Do, this blog, and your Lonely Planet, or just to relax until your flight.

During Your Travel,

  1. You want to know weather forecast for Tokyo,
  2. You want to know the opening hours of shopping centers in Shibuya, etc,
  3. You get lost in Tokyo’s metro system and need subway maps and some instructions, (I definitely hope that it will NOT happen to you!)
  4. You can find the phone number of the police, (I strongly believe that this situation rarely happens!!!)

Make sure that you’ll have Wi-Fi connection anywhere, and Tokyo Direct Guide is always in your iPhone.
Of course, just browsing is fine!

There are small changes for this renewal. If you have been reading my sites, you may find some of them.
I’m going to upload an interesting hair accessory in Harajuku, an art museum that is not very well-known but very cool, and so on, after cherry blossom season.

Thank you for visiting my sites and see you soon!

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