Accommodation Advice For Tourists & Families

You will find more than 4200 hotels in Tokyo. Furthermore, Tokyo's tourist attractions do not gather in one single main street in a walking distance.
Which is the best hotel to stay?
This article helps you with choosing the best one which is comfortable for you, and makes your trip more memorable!

About Ryokan Hotels in Japan

The most frequently asked question is this.

What is a Ryokan? Is it good for me?

Ryokans are Japanese traditional hotels. It will be your precious memories in Japan to see their buildings, floor, ceiling, lobbies, guestrooms, and decorations are all Japanese.
Many Ryokans feature their customer service. They are proud of giving their guests the full treatment. If you hope to experience their kind treatments, a Ryokan will be a great place to stay.
It is advised to note that you will sleep on mattresses rolled out on the floor in Ryokans. (It is normal for Japanese people.) If you are from a culture to sleep in a bed and don’t want to try it, Ryokans might not be very good places. Contrary to that, if you are willing to explore a different way of life and the exotic atmosphere, it is a good idea to choose a Ryokan.
You will find many Ryokans in hot springs resorts such as Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, Nikko and old towns such as Kyoto and Nara.
In Tokyo City, I picked up three ryokans in Asakusa.

Tips to Book the Best Hotel for You

WHERE IN TOKYO will you visit?

Tokyo's Must See & Do directory has hotel guides of each district.
If you have a particular destination to visit in Tokyo, it is a good idea to stay there.
Tokyo is a large city; I recommend checking the location of the hotel so that you avoid paying for inconvenience for you.
Learn Tokyo with The Easiest JR Train Map & The Easiest Subway Maps if you are not very sure. The JR Map has links to hotel booking in each station.


Go to The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo.


Go to The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo.


Accommodation Advice based on Convenient Train Stations

For you who visited Tokyo Direct Guide, I have written a lot of Tips available only here! They are based on my own life in Tokyo.

Book a hotel near Hamamatsucho Station.

  • Shinagawa
  • Shinagawa has been a district for travelers for hundreds of years. Convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo. Keikyu Line enables a great access to Haneda Airport. You can catch Shinkansen Line (super express to Kyoto, Osaka, etc,) too.

See hotels in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

See hotels in Shinjuku on

  • Oimachi
  • It is the neighboring district to Shinagawa. You can choose a hotel from a wide range of hotels. There are buses to/from Haneda Airport. If you are visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, Rinkai Line offers a simple and comfortable access to get there. See how it is like here.


A List of Worldwide Luxury Hotels in Tokyo

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A List of Worldwide Luxury Hotels


Book a worldwide hotel in Tokyo.


Are you going to go to Tokyo Disney Resort?

If you are a Tokyo Disney Resort guest, there are hotels which have partnerships with Tokyo Disney Resort. Those hotels offer you special benefits.

Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel List


See the list of the hotels having partnerships with TDL and the special benefits.


Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

You can enjoy Disney world for 24 hours even while you are in a dream by staying there.
I strongly recommend it because I want you to enjoy the complete Disney holidays without any regret after coming a long way to Tokyo Disney Resort.

The 3 Disney Hotels offer their guests 15 minutes earlier entrance to Disney Land and Disney Sea.
Among those 3 Disney Hotels, Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel Mira Costa is located in Tokyo Disney Sea; It is part of Disney Sea. If you are visiting Disney Sea, I strongly recommend this hotel.


Details are on Disney Hotel Official Website. You can also make a reservation through it.


“Business Hotels”

Hotels whose prices are between 5,500 - 9,000 yen are called Business Hotels because their main customers are people on a business trip. Although those European and American style hotels are not very luxury, they are comfortable enough to stay and convenient for single travelers as well as families. APA Hotels, Dormy Inns, Toyoko Inns, etc, are business hotel chains and others at those prices are trustworthy, too.
In holiday seasons, I see foreign families entering those hotels with suitcases.