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Order Sushi A LA CARTE in Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market!

I love to eat. And every time I visit Tsukiji Fish Market, it annoys me that there are too many I want to have.What should I do?

A la carte is a good choice.
Beside a plate of sushi is fascinating and easy to order, there are some rare parts of tuna and rare kinds of fish in restaurants in Tsukiji, as I wrote in Tsukiji Market Sightseeing Guide. It is because Tsukiji is a wholesales market where every fish gathers to be delivered to the entire of Japan.

I’ll show you some I had in my last visit!


RARE! Fugu sushi!

Have you heard of Fugu? It’s a high-grade fish in Japan.
Tuna is major for sushi, (maybe salmon in some countries,) but there are many sushi of other kinds of fish.
I rarely heard of fugu for sushi, so I couldn’t help trying…
Beautiful! I was very lucky to meet them.

And the next is my favorite…

Grilled Red Snappers/Kinmedai

RARE! Red Snapper sushi!

I love it the best!!
Red snappers are plain whitefishes, but just a bit oilier than other whitefishes, which makes them special. They are served as boiled fish in many cased.
When it becomes sushis, so impressive! I was so happy to have it!

I didn’t think they’d serve appetizer and miso soup. The cook said it’s lunch time sets.
And don’t you think the dishes are beautiful?
Cherry blossom (sakura) and leaves.

And a mini dessert. Orange paste.

So it was a great experience there, after having some Japanese omelets.
Everything was delicious. I’m so satisfied!

Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime hafu
9:00 – 15:00/17:30 – 22:00

Tip: Tsukiji is a town of early birds. It is not very common that a restaurant is open in the evening.
Tip: Fish for sushi depends on the season and even the day of your trip. I wish your good luck!
Tip: I know how difficult a foreign language is. Even if you speak Japanese, “Fish-related Japanese” on the menu might be still difficult. Then, photos on the menu will help you. If you hope to try many kinds of fish, it is a good idea to order a sushi set or a Seafood Don (bowl of rice & seafood.)

I have 2 more Dons that I want to eat.

Hopefully I try and share them with you on this blog!

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