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Update: Lists of Luxury Hotels & Backpackers’ Cheap Hostels in Tokyo, Japan

Accommodation Advice of Tokyo Direct Guide has got developed so much!I updated the list of worldwide, 5-star luxury hotels and that of backpackers’ cheap hostels in Tokyo, Japan.
When you find your favorite one, you can book it from the links!

What are special about the lists in Tokyo Direct Guide?
I payed much attention to the LOCATIONS of the Worldwide Luxury Hotels.
Tokyo has a lot of fabulous hotels, but some might not be in a very convenient place… I repeatedly say that Tokyo is a large city.
I don’t want any travelers to get disappointed to pay for their inconvenience.
So I listed ONLY Worldwide Luxury Hotels with Airport Limousine buses, which send you directly from the arrival terminal to your hotel lobby.
No worry about transportation from Narita Airport to your hotel!
Only convenient hotels are on that list!!
And I wrote some comments about each hotel’s location, so it’s a good idea to choose one with considering Tokyo’s tourist attractions you are interested in.
Talking about Backpackers and Youth Hostels, there are new ones in Tokyo built recently.
Some are located in very convenient places, but they tend to get full-booked soon.
So, when you find a good hostel for you, Book it!
There are other updates as well for your convenience. (If you find some, thanks for being a follower of Tokyo Direct Guide!)
I’ll develop more, so if you have some questions, comments or something like that, feel free to send me.
Hope that this update will be helpful for you!

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