Update: Postal Service from/to Japan

I recently updated how to send letters and parcels from/to Japan on Tokyo Direct Guide.


This article had been existed, but there hadn’t been much information except how to write Japanese addresses in English and how to search Japanese zip/postal codes.

This time, I added ALL about Japanese Postal Service, based on my own experience as an international traveler in Australia.
Yes, postal service is very important for travelers; some send beautiful post cards to home country to make their families and friends happy, and others need to send some of their baggage.

Actually, Japan Post’s international website is not very…. ah…. fantastic.
Many articles are Japanese Language Only. (That’s why many people struggle on search engines to find Tokyo’s zip/postal codes!)
The services and rates are complicated.
A lot of Spelling Errors….

To solve this, I made up a summary. You can learn where and how to send post cards, envelopes and parcels from Japan.
Just in case the post officer don’t understand English, I wrote some texts in Japanese to ask him or her to send something through Airmail. Bookmark or take a copy of it, just show it and it’ll be a good communication!

If you still have a question, feel free to contact me on Comment or via email.

One more tip here.
Japanese post offices don’t sell stationery. If you want some, go to Convenience Stores such as 7 Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, etc.
I was quite surprised that post offices sold stationery in Australia! A Small culture shock is fun on expat travels. How about your country?

Next post on this blog will be Hamamatsusho & Shiodome District Accommodation Guide.
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