Tokyo City View, the Observatory of Roppongi Hills – a general guide & tips

(Attention! Tokyo City View has renewed and reopened in April, 2015. This article has become OLD. Please go to the NEW general guide from here!!)

Roppongi Hills is a luxury building in the middle of Tokyo.

A lot of world-leading companies, such as Google and Apple, have their Japanese branches in its office areas. There are many world or Japanese famous patisseries and restaurants as well.
In this brilliant building, there is an observatory named Tokyo City View, where you can see panoramic views of the megalopolis.


The entrance is this elevator, called Museum Cone. Next to movie theaters.
OK, let’s go!

Soon you enter the observatory, there is a photographer.
Tokyo Sky Shot is free to take, free to get the mini card on the left page, and 1300 yen for the big photo and the album.

I recommend to take the album because you get professional photos as well as yours with a seasonal photo frame (it was morning glories in summer.)
You’ll see Tokyo Sky Tree and Mt. Fuji on the album. Yes, you can see them from here….if lucky.

It was disappointing that it was cloudy on the day of my visit. Moreover, the air is not very clear in Tokyo in summer.
Tip: So, it is crystal clear in winter! Seeing is believing. Tokyo’s views in winter!
But the large windows makes us feel so good while strolling in the observatory.

Tokyo Tower is seen soon you enter. The dark brown building right to Tokyo Tower is World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsucho. So these three observatories are seeing each other!
And Tokyo Bay is over there.

In the observatory, there are some places to take a rest and enjoy the scenery.

Bottles are flying….
It’s a Spanish bar in the observatory. Open at night.

Well, Roppongi Hills is known as a luxury place in Japan.
There is also a restaurant in the observatory and it is fashionable as well. It is true that there are a lot of great restaurants in the building, but if you went up to Tokyo City View, make the most of your experience there. You’ll enjoy fantastic dishes, fashionable atmosphere and the scenery of Tokyo megalopolis.

(Attention: Modo Rounge has closed. Instead, Museum Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON opened in the 52nd floor after the renovation.)

There is a higher observatory.
Sky Deck is an Open-Air observatory!

 It’s a heliport. Sometimes there are star watching or fireworks viewing events here.
Again it was a pity that it was cloudy…
A man is seen in the photo. He is a photographer and if you give him your camera, he will take a photo of you with Tokyo Tower. Learn that it’s free in advance of your visit! 
Tokyo Sky Shot, the photo of his camera, is free to take, 2000 yen to buy.

You will ask, “Where is Skytree?”
Ah…. it was….

a ghost.
It is because the weather of the day, and the air of summer. I asked the photographer and he said it is also a bit far to Skytree.
The next is expected to be a photo spot with Two Towers, but Skytree is not seen…. The weather is too bad….

Wait for a sunny winter day!
Then you have some chances to see even Mt. Fuji.

The last is the best shot of Tokyo Tower of the day from Sky Deck.

Part 3 will be casual topics. Great photo spots in Roppongi Hills. And a humorous photo.
See you soon!

Tokyo City View Visitor Information

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00, entrance: by 22:30 (25:00 on Friday, Saturday and the day before a public holiday, entrance: by 24:00)
Entrance Fee: 1,500 yen for Adult, 1,000 yen for High School and University Student, 500 yen for Child from 4 years old

Height: 218 m above ground, 250 m above sea-level
Compared with…

How to Get to Roppongi

  1. Roppongi Station of Hibiya Subway Line – From Ueno, 25 minures ride, 13 stations, 195 yen. From Ebisu (the next station to Shibuya, JR Yamanote Line,) 6 minutes ride, 2 stations, 165 yen.
  2. Roppongi Station of Oedo Subway Line – From Shinjuku, 10 minutes ride, 4 stations, 216 yen.
  3. Others – Azabu-Juban Station of Namboku Subway Line & Nogizaka Station of Chiyoda Subway Line (10 minutes walk to Roppongi Hills)

Tip: Which is the best way to go there?
The simplest way is to go to Ueno, Ebisu or Shinjuku first, then, change trains for Hibiya or Oeno Subway Line. All those 3 stations have JR Yamanote Line.
Comparing the 2 subway lines, Hibiya Line is more convenient than Oedo Line because the station has a direct access to Roppongi Hills and Oedo Line’s stations are very deep under the ground.
There are also buses, but I don’t recommend them very much because they are a bit too complicated.

The Most Helpful Link: The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo

Sky Deck

11:00 – 20:00 (entrance by 19:30) Closed when bad weather
500 yen for adult, 300 yen for 4 – 15 year old
You leave your bags except cameras in the locker before you get on the elevator. 100 yen coin for the locker will be returned later.


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