8 Best Links to Tokyo, Japan & World Weather Forecast in English

What was missing on Tokyo Direct Guide as an All-In-One travel guide?

….Weather Forecast! I added weather forecast (& time) widgets for more convenience. Please check it!


In search of useful and cool widgets in English, I found some excellent world weather websites.I feel that they will be helpful for travelers, so I’m listing them up here.

4 Links to World Weather Websites

  1. The Weather ChannelFull of contents! You’ll see Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Weekend, 5 days, 10 days and Monthly Forecasts. If you want to know temperature in F, it is on the forecast description in small letters. Search Box is very user-friendly and you can search from Zip, City or Place.
  2. Weatherandtime.netFriendly for international people! Just one click changes C and F. Most main countries/regions on the earth are covered. You also choose your language from 13. If you are a webmaster or blogger, you get weather & time widgets here.
  3. WeatherzoneHave just a single look and you’ll see world map with weather.
  4. Weather Underground (Added on 10 June): I needed to change weather forecast widgets and this site provides the new one. It shows weather forecast globally and has other attractions like world photos, videos, blogs and community. Moreover, it automatically translates the language into yours. For me, into Japanese. The Japanese language on the site is a bit different from natives, but it doesn’t matter. It isn’t rare in the world of today. And I’m one of the people who use second language for a blog!

4 Links to Tokyo/Japan Weather Forecast
Those 3 sites are enough to get Tokyo and Japan Weather Forecast for travelers, but I’ll show some others which are helpful for people coming to Tokyo.

  1. Japan Meteorological Agency Official Website in English This makes No Problem because other weather forecast websites are sourced by it. There are Weather, Temperature, Radar and Warnings with Map, one-week forecast and seasonal forecast. You’ll also see extreme high temperature forecast in summer, earthquake info and so on.
  2. openweather.com Friendly for travelers because there are travel Exchange Rates, local time and travel links.
  3. Yahoo! Japan Weather Try a local website in Japanese? It’s Yahoo! Japan. Yahoo! Japan is very different from Yahoo in other countries, so culture shock might entertain you!
  4. weather map A Japanese website. Weather map offers Sakura (Cherry Blossom) forecast, too.

What’s annoying when international travelers search for weather forecast is C or F in Temperature.
In Japan, it is Celsius that expresses temperature, but in some countries (including America!), it is Fahrenheit.

How can I translate it?
A good example is a good teacher.


F = (9 / 5) × C + 32
C = (5 / 9) × (F – 32)

Everything’s all right now!

Next post will be Weather Widget Collection!

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