Update: Cash Withdrawals, Currency Exchanges, Credit Cards and Money during your travel in Tokyo

A new page “Cash Withdrawals & Currency Exchanges” has come on Tokyo Direct Guide!http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/basicinfo/cash-withdrawal-currency.html

It’s one of the most important information how to pay money when traveling in a foreign country. This page is all about payment methods for international tourists traveling in Japan.

The problem is that most Japanese ATMs don’t accept credit nor debit/cash cards issued abroad.

How can I get cash, then?

It’s super easy to learn. I made up a summary for you there.
Just learn 2 ways to withdraw cash internationally.
Moreover, it’s super easy again to find a place to do so because there are so many branches in any town in Tokyo.

Now, most essential information to travel in Japan is covered on Basic Information.

Tokyo Direct Guide is for all the travelers!

And next post of this blog will be Access to O-daiba (Tokyo’s sightseeing guide) or Access to Hiroshima. Actually, I have too many that I want to write.
Please wait for “Tokyo City View Part 2,” “Zapping Shibuya,” “About L’OCCITANE Cafe in Shibuya for international tourists,” “A Tip about Monja-yaki (Tokyo’s soul food),” and more and more…

See you again!

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