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Manga, Anime & Tokusatsu Shops in One Place! – All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station Part 3

Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station is a collection of official shops of popular characters – Perhaps you remember Part 1 Cute Items and Part 2 Kabuki Shop. Finally this is the Part 3, the last one.

This time, let’s see the manga & anime characters and super heroes. I believe they are so important to some of you. Maybe you plan a trip to Japan to go to these shops!

Jump Shop (Shonen Jump Manga Characters)

Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia – aren’t they familiar to you? Today, many people regard Japan as a country of manga & anime.

The fact is that many of popular mangas are published on Weekly Shonen Jump, one of the best-selling manga magazines in Japan. (Sorry if it’s common sense for you!)

Jump Shop in Tokyo Character Street is the official shop of the Jump mangas. You might have seen some of these manga heroes. (Sorry if it’s common sense for you!!)

Jump Shop wall art in Tokyo

They sell the manga books, official items and Jump magazines. I believe it’s a paradise for some of you!

4 Travel Tips about Jump Shop that You Should Know

I have three travel tips about the Jump Shop. You are lucky to come to this article!

Get a Copy of Weekly Shonen Jump!

First, I STRONGLY advise you to buy a copy of the latest Shonen Jump here.

It’s just great to read the latest chapter of the popular mangas, but actually, you have more to enjoy. In Weekly Shonen Jump, even campaign pages, ads and new face award announcements are funny like a manga!

What’s more, as a magazine, the publish date is written on the front page. I’m sure it’ll be a lifetime souvenir of your trip to Japan.

The latest copy is out on Monday (or Saturday when Monday is a public holiday).

Signatures of Jump Manga Artists

Sometimes we can see some signatures of Jump manga artists at Jump Shop. I can’t tell when – Just take a chance!

Items in the wooden shelves and signatures of manga artists

More Shops to See Manga & Anime Characters

There are Japanese TV stations’ official shops in Tokyo Character Street.

They may not interest you, but it’s too early to leave them. Some shops have anime character items, too. For example, Fuji TV broadcasts One Piece, so we can see Luffy at Fuji TV’s shop.

TV stations’ shops are good to browse when your favorite manga is not a Jump manga as well. For example, you’ll meet Detective Konan in Nittere-ya (Nihon TV Shop.)

Have a Bowl of Ramen like Naruto!

Are you a Naruto fan? If so, I advise you NEVER to go back when you are satisfied to get Naruto items.

Actually, there is Tokyo Ramen Street in the same floor to Tokyo Character Street!! Popular ramen restaurants run their branch there, so some people even visit Tokyo Station for ramen! I also advise you to avoid the peak such as lunch time – from my experience, the ramen restaurants are so popular.

When you bought Naruto items at Jump Shop, have a bowl of ramen just as Naruto does!

Super Heroes & Heroines in Anime & Tokusatsu

Ultraman World M73

Ultraman is a Japanese super hero who has been loved by Japanese people since 1960s.

He came from the space and fight against monsters that appeared on the earth to protect people. A real super hero, isn’t he?

Ultraman doll with Halloween decorations
This is Ultraman, the superhero from the space.

TV shows of super heroes like Ultraman use SFX and it attracts some movie fans so much. Today, this kind of super hero shows are known as “tokusatsu” internationally. Have you seen Ultraman?

Precure Pretty Store

Ordinary girls (and boys these days) transfigure into a legendary fighter and fight against villains robbing people of hope – “Precure” has been a popular anime series for more than 20 years.

This anime is basically for little kids, but it also encourages parents and grownups every Sunday.

A wall art of Precures and shelves in the store
Precures who encourage many people for 20 years

Even if you don’t know them, you possibly know “Sailor Moon”. “Precure” is in the same family tree in the anime industry.

Precure Pretty Store in Tokyo Station

When I entered the store, I saw many pop-ups saying, “limited Item”. I heard that Precure has some international fans, so I think they are important to some of you.

If you are a Precure fan, it’s definitely the right place to visit.

Kamen Rider Store

Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu hero. The protagonist transfigures into a super hero and go to save people under attack by villains on a motorbike.

Kamen Rider Store
Kamen Rider Store

Amazingly, the first drama was on-air on TV in 1971 and a new story comes out every year. There are many enthusiastic fans (including my friend!). Are you one of them?

Toys in Our Childhood


Perhaps it’s very familiar to some of you. It’s Lego’s official shop!

LEGO shop

As you can see in the photo, you have chances to find Japanese characters’ toys. I found Mario when I recently went there and I saw some ninjas, too. I think it’s worth entering the shop.

Tomica & Plarail

Tomica is a brand of miniature cars.

They are more than toys for kids. Each car is so detailed and well-made from the viewpoint of adults. Toyota, Porsche, London Bus, ambulances, racing cars… They are all based on the real, specific car models, so there are many enthusiastic collectors.

TOMICA SHOP in Tokyo Character Street

Even if you felt that it is not a shop for you, you’ll change your mind when you hear that Tomika sometimes collaborates with other characters.

I’ve ever seen Rilakkuma cars, Pikachu cars, Hello Kitty cars, Mario cars, Snoopy cars, Miffy cars, and Star Wars cars! So interesting, aren’t they?

Not only cars, but we can find miniature trains at the Plarail shop.

The importance of TRAINS depends on the country. I suppose that they are just practical and boring transportation in some countries and people use cars and ferries in their daily lives. But in Japan, trains are definitely the main transportation. As a result, Plarail has enthusiastic collectors as well as Tomica.

How about getting a miniature train that you took in Japan?

In Conclusion

All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station is completed now. Hope my articles are helpful for you.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that anyone will find something attractive in the 30+ shops in Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station.

Tokyo is a big city with many different aspects – Some travelers visit there to experience traditional Japanese culture and others head to pop culture such as mangas and animes. Whichever you are, you can enjoy something when you drop in at Tokyo Station.

Have a wonderful trip in Tokyo!

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All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station

  1. Part 1: Kawaii (Cute) Items – Pokemon, Tamagotchi, My Neighbor Totoro & other Ghibli characters, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma & Kapibara-san. Also, a list of all the 26 shops and practical guides to Tokyo Character Street for those who are really visiting there.
  2. Part 2: The Best Japanese Souvenirs at Kabuki Shop – About kabuki (traditional Japanese drama) official shop & my recommendation

Tokyo Character Street Visitor Information

Location: Yaesu North Exit underground floor in Tokyo Station, inside First Avenue Tokyo Station (also called, Tokyo Eki Ichibangai in Japanese)

The Easiest JR Train Map & Subway Maps of Tokyo City – Have simplified train and subway maps for your comfortable trip to visit Tokyo Station!

How to get to Tokyo Character Street: Go out of Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station and go down stairs to B1 floor. Or, Go out of Yaesu Central Exit, go left and go down to B1 floor.

Opening Hours of the Shops

10:00 – 20:30 every day

Helpful Links for Visitors

First Avenue Tokyo Station Official Website (English)

Hotels near Tokyo Station

Join a Tour for Anime & Games

Akihabara Anime & Gaming Adventure Tour

2 thoughts on “Manga, Anime & Tokusatsu Shops in One Place! – All About Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station Part 3

  • Fantastic! I LOVED my lego when I was young … and Ultraman sounds pretty cool 😀 Looks like a fun way to spend a day – or a week!!

    • Ultraman still has many grown-up fans.
      I was surprised when my Brazilian friend told me that the TV shows of a group of superheroes (People transform themselves into Superhero Red, Blue, Yellow, etc, and fight against the evils) are popular in Brazil. I'm not sure of Ultraman, but I wrote about the shop for fans of this kind of shows in the world.

      And Tokyo Station has a lot of foods as well 😀


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