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How to Get to Makuhari Messe – The Easiest Guide to Tokyo Game Show

Are you excited to visit Tokyo Game Show? Or do you have a business conference at Makuhari Messe?

How to get there is always important to travelers – especially in a large complicated city like Tokyo. So I write a practical guide and some travel advice in this article. Whichever you are going there for holiday or business, good luck at Makuhari Messe!

Where is Tokyo Game Show Held?

Tokyo Game Show has been held at Makuhari Messe since 1997, a large exhibition hall in Makuhari, a bay side town close to Tokyo City.

a big exhibition hall and crowds
Makuhari Messe I took from the queue to enter Tokyo Game Show.

It is one of the biggest exhibition halls in Japan with 11 halls and a conference room. Not only TGS, many other business exhibitions and conferences are held there.

How to Get to Makuhari Messe

A 5 minutes walk from Kaihin-Makuhari station of JR Keiyo Line.

To go to Kaihin-Makuhari Station, I advise you to go to Tokyo Station, the very central station of Tokyo, first. Then, you can catch a Keiyo Line train. I think it’s the easiest way.

Link: The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo by Tokyo Direct Guide

In case you are staying in Odaiba district, you don’t need to go to Tokyo Station. Take a Rinkai Line train to Shinkiba and change trains into Keiyo Line.

Google Map to Go to Makuhari Messe

I upload the Google Map for you, but I don’t think you’ll get lost to go there.

Once you get off the train at Kaihin Makuhari, you won’t miss it because there are staff members with signs to Makuhari Messe.

Book a Hotel As Soon As Possible

Tokyo Game Show is a big event. A lot of visitors, including domestic and international journalists, come to the district during Tokyo Game Show, so its organizers warn every year that it becomes difficult to book a hotel near Makuhari Messe.

crowds in an exhibition hall
The exhibition hall of Tokyo Game Show. There are so many people!

There are some business hotels, which are comfortable enough at reasonable prices.

If you want a good access to TGS, book a hotel as soon as possible because other visitors are thinking the same thing!

Accommodation Advice for Those Who Are Too Late!

If you are too late, or you are looking for a convenient hotel to visit tourist attractions other than TGS as well, the following are my recommendations.

I picked up convenient districts where JR Keiyo Line trains, including its rapid trains, stop.

Option 1: Hotels near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is the central station working as a hub in the big city. Actually, Keiyo Line is not a train that stops in many tourist spots, but it does at Tokyo Station.

Of course, Tokyo Station is very convenient to go anywhere. Large and beautiful Imperial Palace is close as well.

29 minutes ride to Makuhari Messe. So, if you stay somewhere else, think of going to Tokyo Station first.

Link: Hotels near Tokyo Station.

Option 2: Hotels in Tokyo Disney Resort Area

Yes, Tokyo Station cannot be a wrong place to stay, but some of you may find a problem when you browse the hotel list. As it is the central place, the hotel prices are pretty high!

In that case, I have another good suggestion to you.

Did you know that Tokyo Disney Resort is located in the same district to Makuhari Messe?

Maihama is the station of Disney Land and Shin-Urayasu is the next.

No matter which you want a great access to TGS or you are going to Disney Resort, it is a good place to stay. To go to Kaihin-Makuhari, 17 minutes ride from Maihama and 13 minutes from Shin-Urayasu by Keiyo Line.

Link: Hotels near Maihama Station

Link: Hotels near Shin-Urayasu

Hope this article is helpful for you!

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