Accommodation Advice For Business People

How to Find a Convenient Hotel for a Better Business Trip

There are hundreds of hotels in Tokyo. Choosing one might be a trouble for you, no matter which you are the person who really visit Japan or a secretary to make a reservation for someone else. To make the matters worse, Tokyo’s maps and train route maps are complicated.


The secret to book an appropriate hotel is to choose one by your destination, NOT the hotel’s brand name nor the reputations on TripAdvisor.



If the company you are visiting is located in Ginza, it is not a very good idea to stay at Hilton Tokyo Hotel located in Shinjuku in spite of their outstanding guestrooms. It's because it will be annoying to find the right subway in the massive station, arrive at the 8th station and walk to the office with a map in your hand.


It is better to find a hotel as close to the office in Ginza as possible. Then you will prepare for your presentation in your guestroom and walk to the office.


Learn Tokyo City - Simplified Maps

Check out The Easiest JR Train Maps & Subway Maps. Once you find the nearest train station to the place you are going to visit, book a hotel there. (You can book a hotel from The Easiest JR Train Map page.)


Book a hotel with The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo.


A List of Business Districts & Conference Halls in Tokyo


I made up a list of some big business districts in Tokyo. If the company, conference hall, etc, is in one of them, book a hotel there. The maps on will help you a lot.
Please use this list to save time to search hotels.



Book a hotel in Ginza.



Book a hotel in Ikebukuro.


Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe is a big exhibition hall. Big exhibitons such as Tokyo Game Show are held here.
Book a hotel near Makuhari Messe.



Book a hotel in Nihonbashi.



Book a hotel in Roppingi.



Book a hotel in Shibuya.



Book a hotel in Shinjuku.


Tokyo Station/Marunouchi

Book a hotel in Tokyo Station.


Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center

Book a hotel near Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center.


Tokyo International Forum

Book a hotel near Tokyo International Forum.


Big hotels often offer Airport Shuttles.
See A List of Worldwide Hotels in Tokyo with Airport Limousine buses.


"Business Hotels"

Hotels at the price of 5,500 - 9,000 yen are called "Business Hotels." They are comfortable enough to stay and provide facilities necessary for business people though they are not very luxury. APA Hotels, Dormy Inns, Toyoko Inns, etc. are business hotel chains and others are trustworthy as well.


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