Winter Peony Garden in Ueno 2015 – photo selection

I thought that I have talked enough about this Winter Peony Garden last year, I took many photos that I hope to share with you this year.

Winter Peony Garden Entrance, Ueno Toshogu Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Toshogu Shrine has been renovated, and I think that the renovation was very successful – The Peony Garden became more beautiful than ever.

The descriptions are at the bottom of this post and on the post of last year, so just enjoy photos first!

Back to basics, it is traditional straw snow fences that surround peony flowers. They are protecting the flowers from snow. Cool, isn’t is?

Yellow plum blossoms were flourishing. The pagoda is seen over there.

This year, they added some Christmas roses in the garden. The flowers themselves, not where they are originated, are important for a garden’s beauty. I felt that the Christmas roses accentuated peonies effectively.


They had some new year decorations this year. So beautiful!


It’s a traditional cafe with traditional heaters.

Tokyo has so many places to visit. And purposes to travel in Tokyo depend on the traveler. Some hope to see every must-do & see, some are on business, some want super trendy items, some are absorbed in okaku pop culture, and others are interested in exotic, calm culture.

If you want

  • experience limited in winter, different from your friend who visited Tokyo once
  • one more thing to see in Ueno after meeting giant pandas in the zoo
  • a calm place after visiting crazily crowded Shibuya
  • a day to explore traditional Japanese culture and atmosphere,

I’m confident that Winter Peony Garden is a must-see.

I saw the same topic of last year and I think my photo techniques have developed so much…

Pleased to share them with you, thank you for reading!

Ueno Toshogu Shrine

Location: 2 minutes walk from Ueno Station, just next to Ueno Zoo
Sightseeing Guide:

Winter Peony Garden
700 yen for adult, free for children under 13
Opening Hours 9:30 – 16:30
1 January – 22 February (2015)

cf: What is it like? – Spring Peony Garden


2 thoughts on “Winter Peony Garden in Ueno 2015 – photo selection

  • Where I live, I won't ever have to worry about protecting flowers from snow!! Sometimes there's a heavy frost, but that's as bad as it gets! The peonys are so beautiful – I'm not surprised they're a tourist attraction!

    • I realized that it needs a climate with snow, of course! It's interesting that the climate sometimes makes a culture.
      The peonies are even more beautiful when they get some snow on the fences. It's very very lucky if you come across a clear sunny day after snow 🙂


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