Spring Peony Garden in Ueno

Under fresh leaves growing all around, Spring Peony Garden is open. Winter Peony Garden is now a very popular post in this blog, and I’m sure its spring version is as breathtaking as winter. Confidently I recommend it for travelers staying in Tokyo in this season.

I updated as many photos as possible. Please enjoy exploring photos.


In winter peonies were surrounded by snow fences woven from straw. In spring, they have Japanese sunshades.

Or straw roofs over a lot of peony flowers.

The straw roofs give straight shades on them. It looks like cool winds.



Winter ended and it is warm. I saw some bees flying flower to flower.



The garden is comfortably quiet. I feel calm here.




Fresh green leaves of the tall trees around are soft for our eyes.


Some enthusiastic photographers were trying to get their best shots.





I’m happy if you share this beautiful day. Never miss it if you visit Ueno in spring!

Helpful Links

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Ueno Toshogu Shrine Visitor Information

Location: Inside Ueno Park

Entrance Fee: 700 yen for an adult, free for children under 12

Official Website: http://www.uenotoshogu.com/

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