Real Mt. Fuji INSIDE Tokyo?! – 5 Reasons to Go to Ono Terusaki Shrine

Mt. Fuji is definitely the icon of Japan, but I know that you don’t have much time when traveling.
I hear voices as following.
“My travel schedule is so tight that I can’t afford to visit Mt. Fuji…” “Mt. Fuji is not a very convenient place, is it? I can’t put priority on it.”
Don’t worry. I have a fantastic solution about this.
Did you know that there is REAL Mt. Fuji in Tokyo?? I admit it’s half joking, but still half serious!Ono Terusaki Shrine is located near Ueno in Tokyo City. It is not counted as a must-see, but it’s a cozy shrine.
The point is that there is “Fuji-zuka,” a miniature Mt. Fuji!

Mini Mt. Fuji in Ono Terusaki Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Is it fun to see this??

I can suggest 5 reasons to visit this shrine!

1: Genuine Lava

This Mini Mt. Fuji is made from GENUINE lava carried from real Mt. Fuji! Understand? It is not just a heap of soil to attract people, but a part of real one. And that’s why it is registered as an important historical site from the city.

A Sign for important relics

2: No Weather Problem

Can you imagine how the views are like when it’s cloudy in Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi? This is. (Read full story here.)

Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji ON A CLOUDY DAY

Look at Mini Mt. Fuji.
We can see it every day – No matter how bad the weather is!

3: Efforts

Mini Mt. Fuji was built in 1828. People at that time carried rocks from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo – It must have been so hard without today’s transportation.
We tend to respect people in old times who made every effort to make important architecture. Pyramid, pyramid, pyramid… and Mini Mt. Fuji. Right?!

4: Easy to Climb

Mini Mt. Fuji is 15 meters wide and amazingly, 6 meters high.
On 30 June and 1 July every year, this mini Mt. Fuji is open for visitors – We can CLIMB it!

Do you know how high real Mt. Fuji is? It’s 3776 meters!
Imagine how hard it is to climb to the peak. The air becomes thin and cold as high as we go. Some hikers get mountain sickness on the way and need to return to the nearest lodge to take a rest on a humble bed.
My friend’s friend says that he REGRETS climbing to the peak! He insists that Mt. Takao is the best mountain to climb for good health and refreshment.

Do you want to take these risks after flying to Japan?
If your answer is “yes,” I bet that you are a professional trainer at a gym or something like that.
For lazy people like me, 6 meters high is enough!

5: Souvenirs

We should focus on souvenirs, too, when traveling. Fortunately, Ono Terusaki Shrine has interesting things to get.

Ono Terusaki Shrine Main Hall

Written oracles (omikuji in Japanese) are packed in real silkworm cocoons. And owl faces are painted on the cocoons. Cute and interesting, aren’t they?
These mayu-dama omikujis are available from the box in exchange with 3 coins donation. Of course, we can bring them back home.

Written Oracles in Cocoons

No time to visit Mt. Fuji? Or, are you an adventurer who want an extraordinary, weird trip?
Time to head for Ono Terusaki Shrine!

Travel Information

How to get to Ono Terusaki Shrine

There are two ways.
A 3 minutes walk from Iriya Station of Hibiya Subway Line or 7 minutes walk from Uguisudani Station of JR Yamanote & Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Open The Easiest JR Train Map & Subway Maps by Tokyo Direct Guide in new windows.

Iriya Station
Major stations to catch a Hibiya Subway Line train are Ueno, Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ginza, Roppongi, and Ebisu. (Order by distance to Iriya. Ueno is the nearest of these 6 stations.)
In my opinion, the simplest way is to go to Akihabara of JR Yamanote Line and change trains into Hibiya Subway Line.
Go out of Exit 4 and go right.

Ono Terusaki Shrine Entrance

Uguisudani Station
Uguisudani is next to big Ueno Station. You can walk from Uguisudani, too.

Google Maps

Link to Google Maps of Ono Terusaki Shrine

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