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Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Information 2014 (Ueno Park)

The best day is forecast to be 4th 2nd April 31 March by Weather Map.

Ueno is one of the best sakura views in Tokyo. There are 1200 cherry trees in the large park with famous museums and Ueno Zoo.

This is how Ueno Park looks like on 10 March.

All the trees are sakura. When they flourish, the park is all pale pink with warm weather in spring.

The red lanterns have been prepared.

One more announcement is that Spring Peony Garden at Toshogu Shrine is 12 April – 11 May. I confidently recommended Winter Peony Garden on this blog.

(18 Mar Updated)
The forecast changed. The best day in Tokyo will be 2nd April.

(Updated on 25 Mar)
Japan Meteorological Agency announced that sakura started to open on 25 March.
The best day will be 31 March.
I will visit some sakura spots as soon as possible and upload photos.
Don’t miss it!!

(Updated on 26 Mar)
Um… Almost.

I found some blossoms open, but most were still buds. (And it’s a pity that it was cloudy.)

I saw many international tourists in the park. Oh… Do you stay a few days onward? Some “false start” kinds of trees became stars.

Tip: People on sheets are preparing for “Sakura Viewing Party.” For those who want to view sakura quietly, being too noisy, drinking too much and throwing away rubbish are prohibited. Good manners!
And the red lanterns light until 8 p.m.

Some potted plants were sold in the park. It is part of Sakura Festival.

The Entrance of Ueno Zoo is over there. And a “star” was here as well.

This weekend will be great here. Hopefully I’ll visit Ueno Park, Imperial Palace and some other Japanese parks. Keep checking!!

(Updated on 30 Mar)
Japan Meteorological Agency declared that it is full-blooming on 30 March, but it is stormy today… I’m worried… I’ll update tomorrow, so don’t miss it!

(Updated on 31 Mar)
It cannot be more beautiful a day!!

I’m writing some tips, but I rather want you to enjoy photos today.

Tip: Ueno Park gets crowded gradually. So it’s a good idea to go there as early as possible.



 A lot of cherry trees are along the path.


 It was windy. It is typical in some days in spring.


Tip: The red lanterns light until 8 p.m.

Tip: I especially recommend the path around Shinobazu Pond.

You’ll see how breathtaking it is on the photos.

You just go along the street and turn right to the Boat Center and Bentendo, the Temple’s hall in the middle of the pond.

Tip: There are some people in masks in this season. It is because some trees spread out pollen to the air and it makes us sneeze… It is not because they are too careful of viruses.

Just in case you sneeze a lot and have a runny nose, perhaps it is pollen allergy, not flu.

You can rent a boat here.
Row boat for 1 hour for 600 yen. (Maximum 3 people)
Cycle boat for 30 minutes for 600 yen. (Maximum 2 adults and 1 infant)
 Swan cycle boat for 30 minutes for 700 yen. (Maximum 3 people)


You can go close to cherry blossoms on the pond.





It is wonderful that there are benches. So romantic.




I’m so happy to share this beautiful day here!

Going to see Ri Ri and Shin Shin the giant pandas  and other animals in Ueno Zoo is a good idea, too.
Tip: In sakura season, the zoo and museums are open on Monday.

You missed full-blooming sakura? Don’t be disappointed. Cherry blossoms and Japanese spring has not ended!

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