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Rikugien Garden in Tokyo City – Red Maple Leaves & Genuine Matcha

Fall Foliage (autumn colors) finally arrived in Tokyo City before December! I’m uploading many beautiful photos of autumn leaves at the peak right now. As a part of Tokyo Direct Guide, practical guides are at the bottom of this article.

Photos speak more than words. Enjoy Japanese autumn!

The Big Maple Tree in Rikugien Garden, Tokyo, Japan

About Rikugien Garden

Well, it is Rikugien Gardens in Tokyo City, which was built by an important samurai clan in the 17th century. It has all the beauties of Japanese gardens such as a large pond, bridge and islands. Although it is located in Komagome, which is a convenient place with JR Yamanote Line, it is calm and very large. (Please go down for the visitor information of Rikugien Gardens for sightseeing.)

Maple Trees in Rikugien Garden

So Rikugien is surely one of the best spots to view Autumn Colors for those who want to explore a calm and beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo. Also famous for its cherry blossoms.

Togetsukyo Bridge surrounded by red maple leaves

On 26 November (2014,) Rikugien’s website claimed that the best season to view autumn red maple leaves came.

It’s definitely true. Fully red!


Going into the main entrance, the most beautiful maple tree is waiting for us. The garden lights them up at night.

The biggest maple tree in Rikugien Garden

The ground is awesome, too!

The ground covered with red maple leaves

Rikugien Garden is very large; It covers 87,809.41 meters square.

There are streams and hills in the garden. Which is your favorite spot?

Tsutsuji Chaya, benches to take a rest.

Tsukiji Chaya

The architecture is rare because old woods are used to support it. It was very fortunate that Tsutsuji Chaya survived world war 2.

An old, natural, curved pillar

Views from Fujishiro Hill.

Beautiful views from the hill in Rikugien Garden

Matcha Advice

Let’s have a tea break.

If you want to experience some Japanese tea, I push this “Shinsen-tei” tea house the best of the three tea houses in Rikugien. Why?

Shinsentei tea house & autumn yellow leaves in Rikugien Gardens

You’ll see.

The inside is purely Japanese. Traditional tatami mats, shoji  (=paper) doors…

Views from Shinsentei Matcha House

You’ll put off your shoes to enter, so warm socks without any hole are fine.

If you like chairs, go to Fukiage Chaya tea house. You’ll enjoy the same set on a bench.

The inside with Shoji doors – You’ll sit on the red mat on tatami

Matcha green tea and a Japanese refreshment set. 510 yen.

Matcha set at Rikugien Garden

The shape of the refreshment depends on the season… and so on. Mine is a maple leaf! It is an all-sweet refreshment made from sweet beans, so I don’t think it is something to be afraid of.

Matcha is made from green tea powder, which is a nobler style than normal green tea. It is undoubtedly part of Japanese culture and it is often used as a flavor for ice cream, cakes, drinks, and so on, but we have few chances to experience matcha in the original style like this. That’s because the classic matcha ceremonies are so classic that few people are involved!

But in Rikugien Garden, we can casually drop in at the tea house and experience it. Can you see how rare it is? It is nothing but special for matcha-loving people including Japanese locals like me to have a cup of classic matcha and traditional refreshment.
I suggest you that the matcha experience is a MUST when you visit Rikugien Garden!

The pond and Fukiage Chaya tea house with chairs






Happy to share a beautiful day in autumn!

MORE Autumn Leaves Spots

Practical Guide of Rikugien Garden


The area of the garden: 87,809.41 meters square

5,600 trees

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Entrance Fee: 300 yen for adult, 150 yen for people older than 65 years old, Free for children under 12 years old

How to Get to Rikugien Garden

A 7 minutes walk from Komagome station of JR Yamanote Line and Namboku Subway Line. In high seasons, Somei-mon Gate is open for convenience.
10 minutes from Sengoku station of Mita Subway Line.
cf: The Easiest JR Train Map & The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo


Hotels near Rikugien Gardens

Anywhere in Tokyo is convenient to visit Rikugien because JR Yamanote Line, the loop line of Tokyo City, runs nearby.
Ikubukuro is the nearest district, but UenoShinjukuShibuyaHamamatsuchoShinagawaEbisu with Christmas lights are also good choices.

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    • Yes. Japanese autumn is definitely the season for RED!
      Cherry blossoms in spring attract so many people, and cherry blossom posts are popular on this blog, but autumn with fall foliage is another beautiful season in Japan. I love autumn!


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