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Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) Ueno, Japan – Why You Shouldn’t Miss Shinobazu Pond!

Ueno Park in Tokyo City is definitely one of the best cherry blossom (sakura) spots in Japan.Ueno is located in the middle of Tokyo City and has Keisei Skyliner to Narita International Airport, JR Yamanote Line and other major trains.

It is a famous place for its collection of culture and arts such as big museums, Ueno Zoo, temples & shrines, and cherry blossoms.

Little children to grown-up art lovers visit Ueno, and I believe that many of you put Ueno on your travel schedule when you go on a trip to Tokyo.

In my opinion, it is the very best place to view sakura in Tokyo.

Cherry trees blooming fully and Ueno Zoo Entrance over there

I uploaded a post about full-blooming cherry blossoms in Ueno Park last year as a forecast and report.

So I hope to concentrate into the photos and practical sightseeing guide this year.
Actually, I have a place in Ueno Park that I don’t want you to miss.

It’s Shinobazu Pond.

It’s true that some people visiting Ueno go there, but unfortunately, others don’t because they get TOTALLY SATISFIED with the 1200 cherry trees BEFORE Shonobazu Pond!
It will never happen to you who are reading Tokyo Direct Diary.

You turn left from the place of the first photo. Go ahead here.

Second, advance between breathtaking cherry trees like this…

And when you find this temple hall on your left, turn right.

Go down the stairs, cross the street and proceed.

Then you arrive at the most beautiful sakura spot in Tokyo!

I’ll show you how beautiful, how cozy Shinobazu Pond is in the following.
Let’s go!

Benzaiten of Kaneiji Temple in the middle of Shinobazu Pond, Ueno

This is Benzaiten Hall of Kaneiji Temple (pronounce kan-ei-ji) in the middle of Shinobazu Pond.
Yes, as you can see the Google Map below, there are this temple and a path in the pond!

Food stands for Sakura Matsuri

Traditionally, food stands come to any festivals in Japan. If you have been reading Tokyo Direct Diary for a year, you have seen some in Morning Glory Market in July.
You can get a fried noodle, grilled corn, grilled sea food, and some soul food just by several hundred yen in the way to Benzaiten Hall. I got boiled potatoes!

Go ahead from Benzaiten Hall, finally you are in a place like this.

Then the sakura path in the pond welcomes you!


Have you ever thought that “supporting players” are as important as the main character?
I think that Shinobazu Pond have many beautiful things other than cherry blossoms, and that they makes this place the best spot for sakura viewing.

Weeping Willow Trees

Fresh green of weeping willows, clear blue of the sky and pale pink of sakura are go very well with each other.
These 3 colors make me feel… spring.

The best combination of sakura and weeping willows!

Sakura Viewing Boats


sakura viewing boats in Shinobazu Pond
They are so colorful and make good sounds of water. And I feel that it is a large, wide place. Tokyo is crowded, so I feel so free to see a large pond like this.
Swan boats in Shinobazu pond

Rental Boat

Row boat for 1 hour for 700 yen. (Maximum 3 people)
Cycle boat for 30 minutes for 600 yen. (Maximum 2 adults and 1 infant)
Swan cycle boat for 30 minutes for 700 yen. (Maximum 3 people)
White Sea Gulls
Other water birds are also swimming around elegantly. It’s so relaxing to see them.




Tokyo Skytree, the new symbol of Tokyo, is seen beyond cherry blossoms. As I announced on Facebook, Skytree’s lights at night is pink in sakura season. Normally, it’s blue or purple.
Red Cherry Blossoms
Red cherry blossoms, weeping willow trees, sakura and Benzaiten Hall over there
Reflections of Cherry Blossoms in the Pond
Reflections of sakura in Shonobazu Pond, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan
This is the last and maybe the best supporting character!
Shinobazu Pond is large. I really feel it’s open-air and cozy. I just reported the reflections of cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden of Koishikawa Korakuen, and both have each’s advantages. If you want more of open-airness, Ueno is a better choice.
You might feel that Ueno Park was crowded with visitors viewing cherry blossoms when you saw some photos in this post. But once you start strolling, it is not as serious as you imagined because Ueno Park is this large! Good news, I suppose.
Reflections of weeping willow trees are also very beautiful. As far as I see it, the soft and flexible texture of willow trees matches waving water very well.
Reflections of weeping Willow trees and cherry blossoms
These days, Meguro River in Tokyo City is getting famous as a cherry blossom spot, especially its lighting-up at night, but as a local, Shinobazu Pond with tradition is still the best for me. Ueno Park has been a famous sakura viewing spot for Japanese people for hundreds of years, and there are reasons to be so as you are reading now.


Ueno Park is a famous spot to view sakura lighted up in the evening. The advantage to see cherry blossoms in the evening is that the color of the sky does not matter; If you gave up the clear blue sky, why not go sakura-viewing in the evening?
So, I hope you see why you shouldn’t miss Shinobazu Pond when you visit Ueno for sakura viewing.
I love this dreamy, fantastic place in spring so much. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a wonderful day!

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How to get to Ueno

Ueno is one of the hub stations in Tokyo. It is a very convenient place from anywhere in Tokyo.
Not only major JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line, Ueno-Tokyo Line, Utsunomiya Line, Takasaki Line, Joban Line and some super expresses stop at Ueno.
Get out of Park Exit, and the park is just in front of you.

Ginza Subway Line and Hibiya Subway Line have Ueno Station, too.

See The Easiest JR Train Map & The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo

Link to Google Map of Ueno Park and Shinobazu Pond

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