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Cherry Blossoms for Travelers Visiting Japan Later than Standard Sakura – Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

Cherry blossoms are blooming fully now!

Cherry blossoms (sakura) in Tokyo, Japan

But if you have been reading Tokyo Direct Diary for months or more, you will say, “Hey, Kozue, you said in Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Forecast that the peak of cherry blossoms has passed in Tokyo!

That’s right. Partly right, actually.

I’m repeating that sakura has many kinds. Some bloom earlier than standard cherry blossoms, and there are many kinds that bloom after them.
If you are visiting Tokyo for cherry blossoms and feeling that you are too late, don’t regret anything.

Now it’s the BEST SEASON for late-blooming sakura!

Late-blooming cherry blossoms blooming fully, Tokyo, Japan

Personally I love them very much. Let’s see my lovely photos & where exactly this place is. Enjoy photos more than words!

It’s Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens, which has very large British, French and Japanese gardens located in Shinjuku. It is amazing that some areas are like real forests where birds are singing all the time in the middle of one of the busiest districts in Japan.

I have written about cherry blossoms there, and said that best season starts in the middle of April there. This time, I’m reporting the best sakura season in Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens.

Entrance Gate of Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens

You will see those cherry blossoms soon after entering the gate.

I took a photo at the same spot (…almost same) last year. Explanations about bridges are in the old post, cherry blossoms are in this post.
The large pond and bridges in Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens

Sakura has many kinds, and even late-blooming sakura has many kinds.
Which do you like the best?



Like these photos, most of late-blooming cherry blossoms have more petals and rounder shapes than standard Somei Yoshino. I especially love the second photo’s sakura. It’s the roundest and cutest in all late-blooming sakura!

The large pond and reflections of sakura in Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens


A long path in Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens


Sakura viewing picnic in Shinjuku Gyoen

Who will think that the peak of cherry blossoms has left? They are blooming fully now!

Ueno Park, where Spring Peony Garden is open now, is full of late-blooming cherry blossoms, too. 

I’m happy if you enjoyed my photos!! 

Visitor Information of Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens

Open 9:00 – 16:00
Greenhouse inside the Park 9:30 – 15:30
Closed on Monday and 29 December – 3 January (In sakura and fall foliage season, open every day.)
cf: The Easiest JR Train Map & The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo
cf: Link to Google Maps of Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens


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