Shibuya’s New Food – Pie Face Landed in Tokyo, Japan!

(Sadly, this shop closed in August, 2018… Other Pie Face shops are in IKSPIARI (the big shopping center in Tokyo Disney Resort), Osaka and Kyoto.)

This must be a common FACE for some of you!

Shibuya Modi, a new shopping center, opened in November, 2015. And I said that I had a nice lunch there on my trip for the tamagotchi event. Do you remember?

Shibuya Modi, a new shopping center

So THAT PIE is the nice lunch I longed to tell you!

Talking about restaurants in Shibuya, I used to enter my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Parco building. I can’t forget the elegant tastes of their pho (Vietnamese noodles,) spring rolls and hydrangea tea. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) You have realized that it is a story in the past, haven’t you? To my sadness, the excellent restaurant left there a few years ago. Since then, I hadn’t found any restaurant I love as much as it.

But my struggle ended.

Pie Face, Australian meat pies, landed in Japan and they opened the flagship store in the ground floor of Shibuya Modi! Can you imagine how excited I was when I got the news?

Pie Face in Shibuya Modi!

Just in case you haven’t heard of Pie Face, I’ll proudly give you a lecture as a former traveler/expat. (If interested, see About Me.)

Meat pies are one of the most popular foods in Australia, and Pie Face is a big restaurant/cafe/stand group for them throughout the continent. The faces are reminders; Pies with different fillings have different expressions. They look unexpectedly CUTE and ATTRACTIVE, so now pies at Pie Face are very popular among both tourists and Aussie locals.

Talking about ME, I remember I took away a meat pie from a Pie Face stand in the street in Sydney. Compared with the original stores, this Shibuya store is decorated fashionably, but the casual and cozy atmosphere is not spoiled at all!

“Classic Mince Beef” – The Original Meat Pie

The pie is very, VERY crispy! And the filling of “Classic Mince Beef” is a bit spicy, and… The flavor is different from any other foods I know because of the traditional spices. Oh, I don’t mean it is something extreme, so I recommend it to everyone!

The Fillings of the Meat Pie

While I’m writing this, I’m getting hungrier and hungrier…. I MUST go there as soon as possible!

By the way, I have one thing I really want to know. If you are Aussie, please tell me.

Is this Pie Face small?

I think it’s smaller than the originals in Australia and the company officially announced that they made the pies small for Japanese people.

I’m not sure of the degree of how smaller it is.
I had meat pies not only in Pie Face but in other food courts as well, so my memories are mixed up like Classic Mince Beef now…
Incidentally, my hand is 17 centimeters long. The pie fits my hand.

A Japanese Pie Face on my hand –  How smaller is it than the originals?

When I learned that my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Shibuya Parco closed, I lost one of the attractions in Shibuya I loved. I do know some good restaurants there, but none was satisfactory for me.
My lonely days have gone.
Pie Face. PIE FACE in Shibuya Modi!!!

Now I don’t want any other restaurants.
From now on, I want to grab meat pies every time I go to Shibuya!!!

There is another thing that surprised me.
UGG Australia boot store is just across from the street! With the new Pie Face, this particular corner in Shibuya became very Aussie!

Shibuya Modi and UGG Australia in the same corner! (And Parco building is seen over there.)

I don’t know why this happened AT ALL, but I’m pretty happy about that.

Cozy Displays inside the Pie Face – Smile!

I know only two foods that have face in the world; One is this Pie Face and the other is Tamagotchi Donuts in Harajuku. I doubt I will use Food with Face tag I just made again. But both look AND taste just excellent in the coolest streets in Japan!

Smiles are the most important things in meals. You’ll agree with me!

Pie Face Shibuya Modi
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 22:00 (* Different from other shops in Shibuya Modi. I have summarized opening hours of all the shops here, or go to Shibuya Modi official website.)

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  • Haha I was graving for meat pies and all of a sudden I find out there’s pie face in Shibuya. Lol saved!

    • Hi Shem,
      That’s great you finally found meat pies in Tokyo! Feel at home at Pie Face Shibuya!!


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