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Harajuku’s New Food – Tamagotchi Department Store Re-opened

(Attention! To our sadness, Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku CLOSED on 26 February, 2017. I keep all the memories with many photos in Kawaii News February, 2017, so if you want to see how the store was like, please go to the article.)

Tamagotchi Department Store in Harajuku re-opened on 29 November, 2014, as I announced on the post about Tamagotchi Anniversary Event in Odaiba.Talking about foods in Harajuku, crepe is the most popular. It’s a dream for Japanese teenage girls to stroll Takeshita Street with a crepe in their hand.

But how about this new comer?

Tamagotchi’s Smiling Donuts

Cute and healthy Tamagotchi Donuts.

I meant to write about the new shop and its items, but the Tamagotchi donuts changed my mind. They were surprisingly delicious!

Tamagotchi Department Store in Harajuku

Let’s go shopping in Tamagotchi world in Harajuku and enjoy donuts!

Tamagotchi Department Store is located in the ground floor of Harajuku Ash, which is very next to iconic Takeshita Street, the coolest street in Japan.

Iconic Takeshita Street & Tama Depa!

The renewed Tamagotchi Department Store is in a few steps to left from here. I’m so proud of it as an old fan of Tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi Department Store just next to Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

The store is not as big as the new Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro, but we can find any Tamagotchi items.


Some items are available only at this store. Lovelitchi in Harajuku fashion is great for souvenirs in Harajuku.

Harajuku Limiten Items

Tamagotchi Planet is on the ceiling. I saw the similar idea in the entrance of Ghibli Museum. The sky on the ceiling is wonderful. It makes us feel free and fine. Even more wonderful when it comes to Tamagotchi Planet that is 5 galaxies away above the sky!

Tamagotchi Planet on the ceiling

For the grand opening, they gave customers a file of a limited design. Those characters in Harajuku Kawaii (=cute) fashion are all new for me.

They are not familiar to old fans like me, but I don’t accept it negatively. I’ve talked about my impresstions A LOT, so if interested, see the post of Tamagotchi Anniversary Event in Odaiba & Ariana Grande’s Theme Song.

So finally, this is a set of Tamagotchi Donuts.

Tamagotchi Donuts Mame-Kuchi Set
680 yen plus tax

They are frozen at first. They thaw out naturally in 15 – 20 minutes after you buy. Just stroll Takushita Street and they will be ready. It’s winter now, so more than 20 minutes might be better. I did so because my first bite was still hard and cold… so I waited for a while.

If only the technology was enough to share tastes!
Sweet but not too sweet. Crispy, not too oily at all. Mild but memorable with the pretty chocolate coating.
Amazing. Perfect. The tastes were beyond my expectations!

Kuchipatchi Donut

Tamagotchi Donuts are healthy as I wrote in the beginning of this post. How? Discover it from ingredients I translated.

wheat, chocolate, soy milk, brown sugar, egg, vegetable oil, butter, almond, salt, pumpkin powder, matcha (green tea powder,) baking powder
(Special Thanks – Google Translate)

No preservative, no coloring, no shortening. (So, have it on the day of your purchase!)

Fantastic, isn’t it?

People tend to think that they cannot take all of tastes, looks and healthiness at the same time, but it is wrong. Tamagotchi Donuts are the proof. They are delicious, cute and healthy!!

Mametchi Donut – the ears are almonds!

I enjoyed Tamagotchi Donuts on a bench in Yoyogi Park. Not only a crepe, I push them confidently. I’ll surely have them again.

If you want a warm hat in streets in Harajuku, drop into CA4LA, which started tax-free shopping recently.

Enter the new Tamagotchi Department Store and you POSSIBLY come across Ariana Grande the super star

Have a good day with sweet smiles!

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Helpful Links

Tamagotchi Department Store

Open everyday
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 on weekdays, 10:00 – 19:00 on weekends and holidays

Link to Google Maps of Tamagotchi Department Store

13 thoughts on “Harajuku’s New Food – Tamagotchi Department Store Re-opened

    • Hi!
      I'd be absorbed in Tamagotchi in my old days, too. When I come across those "old friends" as a grown-up, I get so happy. Not only donuts – so sweet!

    • Hi, Curly!
      I was so excited that I forgot writing the shop data. I can't believe it!
      So I added the opening hours and Google maps. And here is the address…

      Ground Floor, Harajuku Ash Building,
      19-11, Jingumae 1 Chome,
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      zip/postal code: 150-0001
      (How to write and read a Japanese address is here, just in case.)

      I will write another post about tamagotchi as soon as possible.
      Enjoy Tamagotchi 😀

  • OMG thank you so much!
    im travelling to tokyo in 2 weeks time & i was so worried about the reopening.
    im so glad you wrote this article!

  • Hi, samina!

    I have one more tamagotchi topic in my mind, and I really feel I should write a new post about it!
    I talk about it briefly here so that I won't be too late. It's another tamagotchi store in Tokyo Station. I'm sure you love it because you'll also meet Rirakkuma there.

    Have a great trip to Tokyo!!

  • thank you so much <3 your the only person i could find on the net who stated about the reopening of tamadepa<3 at least tamadepa is still in harajuku! in the main shopping area xD
    how is tokyo station? whats it like there xD
    because im looking for kawaii AND traditional items to buy when im there.
    not that expensive/designer things.. more japanese made items xD


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