Souvenirs in Harajuku – Another Option

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is coming!

I’ve written where to get Japanese souvenirs in Harajuku.
Yes, Oriental Bazaar and Kiddy Land!

Oriental Bazaar
Closed Every Thursday

And I also showed a cool hat shop in Omotesando.

But I will suggest you another place today.
No matter which you are a football/soccer fan, it will be another choice to get some souvenirs in Harajuku.

Soccer Shop KAMO
Opening Hours 10:00 – 21:00, 365 days

It’s so easy to find it because this bright building is located along the railway of Yamanote Line. You can see it through the train window on your way to Harajuku.
(KAMO has shops in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro as well. I suppose you’ll casually drop in at Harajuku shop on your way.)

It has 6 floors and they are selling from fan accessories such as pens and replica jersey to professional stuff such as soccer shoes.

The ground floor is full of fan goods for everyone and now full of World Cup Brazil goods.

This is my towel! Cool, isn’t it? Personally I like Fuleco, the mascot of the tournament.

Japan National Team is not very strong in the world, but if you visit Harajuku, how about Samurai Blue goods? There are pencils, cell phone accessories, towels, shirts etc.
Especially in this particular time with World Cup Brazil, they will be so memorable for your travel in Tokyo!

And I’ll show you some other episodes when I visited Harajuku last weekend.

It was weekend and I saw a wagon like this in Omotesando Avenue!
Hello Kitty and My Melody were on it.
It seemed that Sanrio had an event. Everyone around there was waving hand or taking photos.

When I was happily having a crepe in Takeshita Street…

An impostor swore at me! He accused me FALSELY of harming him by taking photos of his face! Boo! How Disgusting!
I just said, “Ah ha,” ignored him and left there. And he didn’t chase me. I feel that’s because crazy people like him are afraid of complicated problems, especially with some authority such as police officers. We shouldn’t be afraid of this kind of impostors. I think that his final purpose was getting some money and that he thought I was a Japanese-speaking, single and weak walker to target.

Generally Takeshita Street is a safe and secure place.
People don’t think Harajuku is a district with crimes, but there are crazy people in a big city, and weekends are their chances.
(cf: Information about safety, emergency and nightlife districts in Tokyo)
When returned home, I updated Impostor Information on Sightseeing Guide as well as new photos. Just in case, browse it for your exciting travel to Harajuku.

Tokyo Direct Guide – Harajuku Sightseeing Guide

Learning is the best way to eliminate any worries, which are the least necessary things for life.
Peace in mind starts from eliminating fears which are not reasonable actually.

A bad episode ends.
This is my new cell phone accessory! An acoustic guitar.

I got it in a humorous goods shop in Takeshita Street.
(Club Activity Strap Series 361 yen/piece)

It was pretty warm last weekend and I got thirsty, so…

I got a fresh carrot, apple, celery drink in Omotesando Hills. (480 yen)
It was so cool and healthy for my tired body…

B3 Floor in Omotesando Hills

I wrote about a legendary “shaved ice with rose & litchi syrup” in Omotesando Hills somewhere on this blog.
Omotesando Hills is a great place for gourmets.

Thank you for reading and I’m happy to share a good day in Harajuku!

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