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Blue Fantasy at Caretta Shiodome & Trip Planning Tips: Tokyo’s Christmas Lights 2015

Shiodome is a very popular place for Christmas & Winter Lighting in Tokyo. I was not very sure of how it would be like before I visit there, but I really felt that it deserves the reputation – It was so beautiful! It is so romantic that it is a great choice for couples going dating.

Christmas & Winter Lighting in Shiodome district, Tokyo City, Japan


Caretta Shiodome “Valley of Blue Stars”

Christmas trees in Caretta Shiodome

The main attraction is Caretta Shiodome, a cool complex in Shiodome district near Tokyo Bay. (For visitor information and maps, please go down this page.)

The lighting is titled, “Caretta Illumination 2015 Canyon D’Azur – Valley of Blue Stars.” This is the only lighting that features BLUE although there are so many places attracting people by cool lights in Tokyo.

The courtyard is filled with 270,000 blue LED lights and we can see lighting shows with music once 20 minutes.


A lighting show with smoke

After the show, we stroll in the lights freely.

Walking IN the blue lights makes me so dreamy as if I were wandering in a fantasy world.

Blue LED lights spread all around at our feet.
Christmas trees in the valley among buildings

When you want to see the entire, go up and see it from the street.

From the street along Caretta Shiodome
The blue Christmas trees from above

There are restaurants where we can see the lights in Caretta Shiodome. …It depends on your luck whether you can have a good table.

From a restaurant in Caretta Shiodome
People wandering in the blue lights

I have seen many Christmas lights in Tokyo such as Ebisu Garden Place, and the blue lights in Caretta Shiodome is undoubtedly one of the best. Can I say it’s the very best? I don’t say it’s impossible!
We sometimes feel like exploring a fantasy world, don’t we?

Visitor Information
Caretta Shiodome
“Caretta Illumination 2015 Canyon D’Azur – Valley of Blue Stars”
19 November – 31 December, 2015: 17:00 – 23:00
3 January – 14 February, 2016: 18:00 – 23:00
Free to enter

How to Get to Caretta Shiodome
The nearest station is Shimbashi. First, take JR Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku Line to Shimbashi.
When you go out from the station, going along the sky blue rails of Yurikamome will be the simplest way to remember. You see Nihon TV Station, which also holds lighting events, on the way.
In this district, the very large underground spaces that connect the buildings are convenient, too.

Link to Google Maps of Caretta Shiodome – Take a copy or bookmark this when you go there!

The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo – Shimbashi is next to Hamamatsucho. It is the terminal of Yurikamome Line to Odaiba and the entrance to Ginza district, too.

2 More Lights in Shiodome District

1: Shiodome City Center
Although it is not as big as Caretta Shiodome, the building across from the street is also holding a lighting event. Shiodome City Center building features WHITE lights instead of blue.

The Merry-go-round (For display, not for ride.)
“White Forest” in Shiodome City Center complex building

Visitor Information
(Dates to be arranged)
Link to Google Maps of Shiodome City Center – It is located just across from Caretta Shiodome.

Tip: The large Japanese garden of Hamarikyu is just a few minutes walk from Caretta and City Center. If you are interested in the traditional beauty as well as modern lights, it is a good idea to spend afternoon in the garden, to have a cup of matcha green tea (Hamarikyu is one of the two Japanese gardens in Tokyo that offer genuine matcha experience. The other is Rikugien Garden.) and to go back to the Christmas fantasy in the evening.

2: Shimbashi Station
Did you know? Shimbashi is Japan’s first train station. So there is an old train on display in front of the station. In Christmas season, it is lighted up!

Shimbashi Christmas Illumination 2015 at the SL Park

Tip: If you are planning to go to see Christmas lights, it is one of the good choices to see this first, and cross the railroad to the east and walk to Caretta Shiodome to see the very best at last.

Visitor Information
14 November, 2015 – 9 January, 2016
17:00 – 23:00
The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo – Take JR Yamanote or Keihin-tohoku Line, which are very major trains in Tokyo City. You can’t miss it.
Link to Google Maps – Just in case.

I’m going to report one more Christmas Lights this year. Have a nice Christmas in Tokyo!

MORE Christmas Lights in Tokyo City


Accommodation in Shiodome district, Tokyo


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