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3 Best Things to See at Tokyo Tower at Night & Orange Illumination 2015 – Tokyo’s Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas from Tokyo Direct Diary!
I’d like to share the 3 best things in the icon of Tokyo with you.

Tokyo Tower, the Shining Elevators to the Observatory & the Christmas Tree


3: Tokyo Tower Orange Illumination 2015


Tokyo Tower is one of the pioneers in Christmas lighting in Tokyo. Welcoming so many tourists, it knows what people want. For example, the mini Tokyo Tower at the feet of the real thing is very popular among visitors.
In 2015, their theme is “Orange Illumination” featuring warm feelings.

Tokyo Tower as tall as we are & Real Tokyo Tower that is 333 meters tall

I like to see the whole tower from a distance, but I cannot help rethinking. Looking up at the huge red steel framework, I get stunned every time I go to Tokyo Tower. From November, the bright Christmas tree decorate the strong feet.

One of the Feet of Tokyo Tower & the Christmas Tree

What is special is that the Christmas tree is a real tree, not a plastic tree that spends most days in a year in the shed. This year, the natural texture is going well with the warm orange lights.

Christmas Tree lighted up by Orange Illuminations 2015

But this lighting expert started a new thing at the observatory!

2: Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia – 3D Projection Mapping

Can you see what is happening here?

Tokyo Tower inside Tokyo Tower!

They project Tokyo Tower on the large wide windows in the observatory of Tokyo Tower!
So we can see the fantastic lights over the night views of the city.
It is as if we were viewing fireworks in winter.

Fireworks by Winter Lights (In Japan, fireworks have been things in summer.)

But ice and snowflakes are necessary in winter.

The projection is a video with a simple story like a picture book.
Whales, dolphins and fish are born from stars.

Stars in the Sky on the Windows

A boy goes traveling on a dolphin in the sky. It is an adventure to the external world.

A boy on a dolphin traveling in the sky

His adventure gradually becomes gorgeous!

Tokyo Tower, Trains and colorful Lights!

When his adventure ends, you can see it from the beginning again. Things you see are a little different in other windows, so you can spend more time to go round and round in the observatory. I was really right to go to see the lighting shows.

How beautiful!

Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia just started in November, 2015. Good news is that this lighting will NOT end when winter leaves; A new program is going to start next spring when cherry blossoms open.

The Title. Tokyo City Lights Fantasia

Explored a fantasy world by Tokyo Tower?

Now it’s time to tell you the most important tip.

1: Mt. Fuji

When you go to Tokyo Tower for night views, move up your schedule. In the evening, you have a good chance to see Mt. Fuji beyond the city!

Mt. Fuji’s Head from Tokyo Tower, Japan

If you are not interested in seeing Mt. Fuji, rethink now.
Do you know how hard it is even for Tokyo locals?
The air is clear in winter, so your chance is much bigger than in summer. What’s more, sometimes we can’t see Mt. Fuji on a trip to Mt. Fuji!
Considering these, I advise that you SHOULD take a chance!

Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, beyond the City at Sunset

Tokyo Tower is getting brighter and brighter these years.
Referring to other attractions, Japanese souvenir shops are in the 1 to 3 floors. There is an aquarium that is not amazingly big but you can meet 900 species of fish in the ground floor (1F). If you are a manga fan, enter One Piece Tower and you’ll spend a day inside Tokyo Tower.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Tokyo Tower Visitor Information

Opening Hours
Main Observatory (150 meters high): 9:00 – 23:00 (Enterance: by 22:30)
Special Observatory (250 meters high): 9:00 – 23:00 (Enterance: by 22:30)

Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250 meters high)

Admission Fees
Main Observatory (150 meters high): 900 yen for adult, 500 yen for elementary and junior high school students (= 6 – 15 years old), 400 yen for child more than 3 years, free for 0 – 3 years old

Special Observatory (250 meters high): 700 yen for adult, 500 yen for elementary and junior high school students (= 6 – 15 years old), 400 yen for child more than 3 years, free for 0 – 3 years old

Official Website (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)
Tip: You don’t need to get a ticket in advance. Just go there and buy it at the ticket counter at the entrance.

Tip: There is a combined ticket of Main and Special Observatory, and it DOESN’T give you any saving. So I think it’s better to buy the ticket for Main Observatory at the foot, and decide whether you go up to the Special Observatory or not by seeing how crowded it is.
It doesn’t cause you to lose time at all to get the ticket to the Special Observatory inside the Main Obsevatory.

Tip: Sometimes there is a line to the Special Observatory, but that’s because the elevator is small. It is not a terrible jam. I recommend you to go up for the views from the highest place!

Tokyo Skytree from the Special Observatory at night
The City from Tokyo Tower

How to Get to Tokyo Tower
Everything is here; See How to Get to Tokyo Tower by train – the simplest explanations & maps


It is not an over-expression that the main purpose of Tokyo Direct Guide is to guide you to find a good hotel in good location in the complicated city.
And I recommend the district around Tokyo Tower because of convenient transportation and great views.

See how it is like: A Guide to Hamamatsucho – All About its Attractions, Hotels and Transportation

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