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3 Ways to Avoid or Manage Bad Weather on a Trip to Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi!

Positive mind makes our life easy. That’s one of my philosophies.

I feel that I had been too serious about life and the society before I stepped out from the island I grew to the world. When I saw many interesting people with various lifestyles, I realized that what I had worried about were so small in the large world. Yes, life might not be so easy, but not so painful. Positive people make actions without worrying and hesitating. I witnessed that they make a success easily and quickly, not only enjoy their life. We should learn from them, shouldn’t we?

But it is inevitable even for positive people to sometimes meet a difficulty in their life. What do they do, then?
They get over troubles with humors!

My trip to Mt. Fuji for autumn leaves didn’t go very well; I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi at the foot because it was terribly cloudy!

But I’d like to share the ideas of how to avoid bad weather with you and to overcome my bad luck with humors!

Mt. Fuji souvenir magnet – It’s a good addition on my bookshelf.

1: Stare at Weather Forecast DAYS before booking a trip to Mt. Fuji

If you don’t want to take a risk, book a trip after you arrive in Japan and check the latest weather forecast, instead of asking a travel agent in your country months before.

Weather forecasters say that they are refreshing the forecast on and on. (Can that thing be called forecast? Don’t ask me.) So, if you see the weather forecast saying it will be sunny tomorrow, get a tour or ticket for tomorrow. Judging from my experiences, tickets are always available on the day one day earlier. This is the best way to avoid bad weather.

Here is the link to Japan Meteorological Agency’s weather forecast. “Tobu-Fujigoko” is the district around Mt. Fuji. (3 Hourly Forecast) (Daily Forecast) (Weekly Forecast)

Check it out time to time! (If you are a hiker to climb Mt. Fuji in summer, it is a must to know the weather and take rain gears. It is not a joking matter.)

But actually, this did not work for me…. The weather forecast was totally a FIASCO!

Or, you have possibly booked an excellent ryokan with the stunning view of Mt. Fuji to experience a traditional Japanese hotel life.

What can you do, then?

2: Make a “Teru-Teru Bozu”

When our science is not enough to tell the weather, rely on prayer.

Fortunately, the country you are visiting has a traditional sunny-day-welcoming charm! It’s “teru-teru bozu,” (= meaning, “sunny-sunny-boy”) a small paper doll to welcome good weather. (Are there the same or similar things in your country?)

Don’t worry, you don’t need any special materials nor skills. You can make one within 30 seconds.

1. Pull out 2 pieces of tissue paper in your room and wad one of them.

2. Wrap it in the other and tie it up with a band, tape, or anything.

3. Draw his face!

Teru Teru Bozu to welcome a clear sunny day!

It is deadly easy to make a teru-teru bozu. In Japan, many children make it before their picnic!

But you’ll ask me, “Does that magic work?”

Yep, you are right. After all, clouds can come in your way. Then, how can you enjoy your trip?

3: Imagination Level Check!

Expert gamers say that, decades ago, it was so fun for them to make up for the rough screens by their imaginations. They used to enjoy seeing the world in the games in their mind.

Things that our eyes catch are not all.

Mt. Fuji was not seen, but we can complete Japan’s iconic view by our imaginations!

Here are my 6 “should-be” best photos of Mt. Fuji with autumn leaves.

Q: Fill in the clouds with your imaginations. Let’s try the Imagination Level Check that I made in the following!

1: Beside Shuhokaku Kogetsu, a fabulous ryokan hotel in the lakeside


2: From the famous Maple Tree Tunnel


3: From the photo spot by the Maple Tree Tunnel


4: From the lakeside with red maple leaves


5: From the romantic esplamade


6: From the best photo spot in the esplanade

What do you feel?

If your imagination showed you Mt. Fuji in…

None of the photos,

You are a realist with good eyes and courage to accept the fact. However, as I said at the beginning, it can cause passive mind, unnecessary anger and sadness, and despair in the world that we can’t control. If you have dreams, hope and a sense of humor in addition to your intelligence, you’ll enjoy your life more and it’ll be highly possible to become successful!

1 – 3,

You are positive enough to find Mt. Fuji’s foot even when you can’t see its head. You are in a good balance between the reality and imaginations. You are good at finding small happiness in your life, so if you have bigger dreams and expand your eyesight, you’ll realize that you have more possibilities of bigger happiness than you think.

4 – 5,

Your imagination is great! It is advised to recognize which is real and which is imaginary so that you won’t believe the world that you want instead of the facts. If you do so, your great imagination will lead to special abilities to make a difference in the stale society by touching people’s hearts, success in creative activities and become happy in your personal life!

All of them,

Your imagination level cannot be better! Even if you unfortunately meet someone saying you are hallucinating, you are positive enough to kick it off and to go your way! It’s time for you to get resources of your imagination by yourself. Go traveling, get your own experience, and you will be a person who is different from anyone else and amazingly outstanding!

Personally, I admire the people on the yellow swan cycle boat because they make the most of their special holiday in Lake Kawaguchi and THEY DO NOT GIVE UP THEIR DREAM TO SEE MT. FUJI!

The esplanade I strolled. It was pretty beautiful.

So I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji on my trip to Mt. Fuji, but at least, autumn leaves were at the peak. I felt that the beauty was different from that in temples and samurai’s gardens. Autumn leaves in the real nature showed me special views.

The Maple Leaf Tunnel in Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi Autumn Color Festival

I have a lot of beautiful photos. See you in the next update!

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Avoid or Manage Bad Weather on a Trip to Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi!

  • That is a FANTASTIC post Kozue! I think you have captured the spirit of Mt Fuji – we have all seen the photos and know what it SHOULD look like, so why not just imagine it?? I love your maple leaf tunnel photo – it's wonderful 😀

    • Thanks, Red!!

      I think you have similar experiences in your life. Travels don't always go well as we want them to be!
      If I just wanted a photo of Mt. Fuji, the souvenir magnet would be enough. What's important is to enjoy our life!!

      Wish your next travel will be happy IN ANY WAYS, my friend!


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