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Chocolates for St. Valentine’s Day 2014 (Part 1)

Japanese St. Valentine’s Day is now a chocolate festival. Famous chocolatiers gather in Tokyo with their artistic chocolates.

It’s time to show my choices. (Not really. Some are choices of people around me. I’m happy to try them. I love eating!)

They are from France, Belgium, US and Latvia!
Are you living in these countries? Please feel free to tell me your impressions in comments. “Yes, it’s my favorite, too!” “Oh, I know better chocolatiers.” “Is that chocolatier famous in Japan? Why?” Anything is OK.
I’ve tried 3 of them. The first one is…

by Yves Thuries, Jaques Bellanger and Laurent Duchene from France. (Sold in Matsuya Ginza, 1260 yen)
One is Dark chocolate, one is Lime flavour and the other is Passion fruit flavour. They are not too sweet, so I enjoyed the tasteful flavours!

The next one is…

DARCIS from Belgium. (Sold in Daimaru in Tokyo Station)
Earl Grey, Salt, Rose & Framboise, Tonka and Coquelicot flavours. The surroundings are very thin and melt easily in my mouth. So good.

Rose flavour reminds me of my memory in Omotesando Hills, a very cool shopping mall in Harajuku. It was summer and I felt thirsty there. Then I found a cup of crushed ice with Litchi & Rose syrup. I had other choices of common syrup like Strawberry, but it was Omotesando Hills that I visited… I wasn’t sure whether flower flavour would be good for foods, but I tried it. Now it’s a LEGEND for me.

The next is…

neuhaus from Belgium! And this set is composed of 5 great chocolatiers around the world. (1575 yen)

The reason why Japanese St. Valentine’s Day became a chocolate festival might be CRAZY. But I’m happy to learn that there are artistic chocolates like these on this planet. (The only chocolates I’d know were one-coin chocolates.)
Thank you for all the chocolatiers & staff members involved!

…to be continued to the other chocolates (Manga style again.)

2 thoughts on “Chocolates for St. Valentine’s Day 2014 (Part 1)

  • They all look fantastic – you're lucky you got to try so many!! Chocolate is one of the reasons to live, yes?!

  • Yes. Definitely YES!!
    Delicious foods made us so happy. Chocolates bring me happiness in cold winter!


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