Reviews & 2 Reasons to Visit Tokyo City View, the Observatory in Roppongi – A NEW General Guide

Tokyo City View is one of the observatories in Tokyo, which is located in the luxury district of Roppongi.

Views from Tokyo City View Sky Deck, the Open-Air Observatory

…I once wrote similar things in a post with visitor information about Tokyo City View.

But it has become old because of the renovation in 2015!

So I am writing the Brand New Post of the latest general information to visit Tokyo City View with Brand New Photos.

If you are looking for how to get there, opening hours, maps, etc, all the essential information to visit there and helpful links are at the bottom of this post.

And it was a NEW chance for me – Last time I made up the summary of Tokyo City View, the photos were not brilliant because I visited there in summer and no one says that the air is clear in summer…. Tokyo Sky Tree was a GHOST!

Now it’s spring and the air is foggy but not unclear.
So I met the REAL Skytree this time!
Let’s share it and I’ll write my reviews of Tokyo City View & 2 reasons to visit it!!

Talking about observatories in Tokyo, I don’t doubt that old Tokyo Tower and NEW Skytree are definitely the places on guidebooks.

But think this way.
You can’t see the symbolic Skytree when you are in Skytree, right!?

Then, you can see BOTH from Tokyo City View in Roppongi.

The renewed Tokyo City View still have large windows that made me feel so open. And this is the photo of both Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Sky Tree in one frame I desired!

Tokyo Tower and Skytree in one frame!

I was so impressed!!!
…Some of you might say that you don’t see Sky Tree very well.
So I added captions.

Once you learn, you’ll never miss it.
If you still feel Skytree is not very clear, that’s because I compressed the photo for a blog.

Tokyo Sky Tree from Tokyo City View in Roppongi

In spring, we can see it without zooming!

But Tokyo City View has another feature other than seeing the two towers.

In my opinion, it is the strongest feature of Tokyo City View that we can go to Sky Deck, the rooftop observatory. It’s open-air, so I feel so free and open!

I’m sure that she is pointing at Fuji TV Station Building in Odaiba. Zoom this photo, and you will find a building that has round thing just below the arrow. That’s Fuji TV. You can see Rainbow Bridge, too.

You shouldn’t miss the foot of Roppongi Hills. You’ll find this interesting building.
It is National Art Center, an art museum in Roppongi.

National Art Center Tokyo from the sky!

The architecture is so interesting when you see it from its front and inside, but how about seeing it from the sky? I saw the trees I once shoot, the entrance, and even museum visitors walking in the street!
Q. Find the very same tree seen from the front – The National Art Center Tokyo: an Art Museum in Roppongi – its architecture, cafe & interesting photo spots

It is seen in this direction in front of Shinjuku’s skyscrapers.

Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya… and Mt. Fuji, hopefully.
My NEW photo of Tokyo Tower from Sky Deck

I’m happy if you enjoy my photos.
In conclusion, I’d like to write my reviews of renewed Tokyo City View.


Open-Air Observatory experience is availabe only here!
Moreover, you can enjoy views in the stylish, luxurious and artistic atmosphere of Roppongi Hills.


Tokyo City View is no longer purely an observatory, but event spaces as well.
So when an art exhibition like Star Wars Exhibition is on in the observatory, you can’t enjoy the views very much nor take photos because of no photo policy.

I suppose that it is a difficult time for observatories in Tokyo these days.
Sunshine City observatory in Ikebukuro started renovation on 7 May and it is going to reopen in spring in 2016. The managements say that there are less and less visitors, so they need to renovate it to attract people again.

The problem is that there are TOO MANY OBSERVATORIES in Tokyo.

Skytree is the NEW symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower has retired from broadcasting but it is still iconic and opened One Piece Tower this year, Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills offers luxury atmospheres, Seaside Top in Hamamatsucho is being forgotten by locals but the observatory itself is so great that a blogger (it’s me!) pushed it, the observatory of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is free to enter, and there are more hidden gems like this.

Considering the pros and cons, I still feel that Tokyo City View has its originality and good points.
If you feel good to hear of…

  1. Seeing both of Tokyo’s iconic towers
  2. Open-air observatory that you cannot experience but here,

Let’s choose Tokyo City View in Roppongi for the stunning scenery!

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan

How were the views of the megalopolis from the top of this building?

Visitor Information of Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills

Hight: 218 meters above ground, 250 meters above sea level

Sky Deck: 238 meters above ground, 270 meters above sea level

Opening Hours

10:00 – 23:00 (Entrance by 22:30) on weekdays and holidays
10:00 – 25:00 (Entrance by 24:00) on Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday

Sky Deck
11:00 – 20:00 (Entrance by 19:30)
Closed when raining, too windy, foggy.

Admission Fees

1,800 yen for adult, 1,500 yen for people older than 64, 1,200 yen for high school and university student, 600 yen for children 4 – 15 years old

Sky Deck
500 yen for adult, 300 yen for children 4 – 15 years old

How to Get to Roppongi

Roppongi Station of Hibiya Subway Line and Oedo Subway Line

Azabu-Juban Station of Namboku Subway Line (10 minutes walk to Roppongi Hills)
Nogizaka Station of Chiyoda Subway Line (10 minutes walk to Roppongi Hills)

Tip: See The Easiest Subway Maps of Tokyo and you will see where you can take an appropriate subway.
In my opinion, Hibiya Subway Line is the most convenient of the four subway lines because it has a brilliant underground path that directly lead to Roppongi Hills.

Link to Tokyo City View Official Website (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)

Google Maps

Link to Google Maps around Roppongi Hills


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