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Asakusa Imahan Sukiyaki Restaurant in Tokyo Station

Imahan is a sukiyaki restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo, lasting over 100 years. If you have a guidebook of Tokyo, you might find it in Asakusa page.

But did you know that we have chance to have sukiyaki in Tokyo Station?

Tokyo Station is the central station and it has hundreds of shops and restaurants inside. I wrote about Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station, we pass through Tokyo Station to the famous cherry blossom spot of Chidorigafuchi, and we take Shinkansen the super express to go to other cities in Japan.

Having a meal in Asakusa Imahan will make your trip more exciting.

Hyakunen Gyudon Lunch Set, Asakusa Imahan

It’s Hyakunen (=100 years) Gyudon Lunch Set. Let’s open!

The tray, bowls and even the back of the lid are beautiful.

The taste was beautiful, too!!

Beef, onion slices, konjak, tofu… Everything tastes strong soy sauce of true sukiyaki!!

Hyakunen Gyudon, Asakusa Imahan

I love sukiyaki so much. Of course, we can also have sukiyaki sets, not gyudon like this, here.

Asakusa Imahan Tokyo Station Grand Roof
Opening Hours 10:00 – 23:00
In Grand Roof B1 Floor
Hyakunen Gyudon 1,620 yen including tax

This restaurant is the first branch for Asakusa Imahan, which has its head restaurant in Asakusa. It used to be the only Asakusa Imahan restaurant, but when Grand Roof section of Tokyo Station opened some years ago, they joined it for the first time.

This restaurant is small; There are only 14 tables. In case it is full, we can have take-out sukiyaki, too.

The inside is as beautiful and comfortable as the head restaurant. Japanese tapestries, Asakusa Imahan lanterns, glasses of Old Tokyo designs, and the wide tables are really cozy.


Talking about Imahan, there are some brands such as Imahan Honten, Imahan Bekkan, and this Asakusa Imahan. They are all independent sukiyaki restaurants now, but all of them have one origin and traditions. For example, this is Imahan Bekkan restaurant close to Nakamise Street in Asakusa.

Imahan Bekkan restaurant in Asakusa

It is popular among international travelers, too. The restaurant is registered as a historical building. The taste? Of course!!

Tokyo is a treasure box for gourmets. Enjoy more with excellent foods!


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