Kawaii Character News – November, 2015


  1. Adventure for Dream Tamago Lots! – Tamagotchi 19th Anniversary
  2. Kapibara-san Cafe Tokyo Part 1
  3. Bonus: Noppon Bros, the Tokyo Tower characters

Kawaii News of this month is full of contents in spite of just two plus bonus characters!
Bored at someone’s anniversary every month? I promise, it means so much in this month. And I hadn’t expected that this would become a travel diary, too!

Celebration at Tamagotchi Store Tokyo

1: Adventure for Dream Tamago Lots!

23 November is know as the day when the first tamagotchi was released in 1996 and also as Mametchi’s birthday.

Bandai held an event to hand out “Dream Tamago Lots” throughout Japan on 21, 22 and 23 November, 2015, for the celebration of Tamagotchi’s 19th Birthday.

Bandai announced specific toy stores on their website, and when people show their tamagotchi (4U, iDL, those in 1996… Any was OK!) in the shop, they were able to get a lot with a Dream Number. People who bought a TAMAGOTCHI 4U+ at those shops, they were able to get 10 lots. If your number is drawn by Kuchipatchi in coming December, you can get the special presents!

Special Prizes for Dream Tamago Lots!

You choose the prize you want from A to C.

  • Prize A: Tamagotchi Osechi (= traditional Japanese foods for New Year) for 23 people
  • Prize B: Tamagotchi Fancy Cake for 50
  • Prize C: Tamagotchi Snack Sets for 300
  • Double Chance: Tamagotchi New Year Towel for 750 who didn’t win Prize A, B nor C

Total 1123 people can win these special prizes!

By the way, autumn is the best season for hiking.

So I planned to visit 5 toy stores throughout Tokyo City with my tamagochi 4U!

Let’s go on a trip with me for Dream Tamago Lots. And when you read it all, you’ll know Tokyo so much!

Start: Shibuya
I decided to start my hike from Shibuya because I found Bic Camera Shibuya East Exit Store on the list. (I could start from Shinjuku, but personally I don’t like that district very much, so I removed it from my plan.)
I went out from the iconic Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station, which is in the west part of Shibuya. Actually, it is very easy to move from west to east in Shibuya; Cross the Scramble Crossing toward “109 Mens” building and go under the railroad.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing seen from the station

This is. Bic Camera opens at 10 a.m. I waited for it.

Bic Camera Shibuya East (and movie theaters, game centers, etc, in the complex.)

As a result, when I went up to the toy floor, I was the first person to ask for a Dream Tamago Lot. So the staff members weren’t very sure, but the kind clerk in the toy section searched for it soon.
I got my first Dream Tamago Lot at the toy floor. Yeah!

My Dream Tamago Lot (& my file to bind it.)

Shibuya Modi, a new fashionable shopping center, opened on 19 November, 2015, as I mentioned on social media.

Shibuya Modi, the new shopping center where I had lunch!

I went there, took photos for Tokyo Direct Diary and had a nice lunch there. (I can’t wait to tell you!)

2: Harajuku & Omotesando
When I became full and happy with lunch at the new building, I took JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku; It is the neighboring station from Shibuya.
Tamagotchi fans reading my sites definitely know Harajuku. It is the place where Tamagotchi Department Store is located!

Takeshita Street Entrance & Tama Depa sign, Harajuku

Passing Tama Depa behind, going straight Takeshita Street, turning right to Omotesando Avenue and I headed to Kiddy Land Harajuku. I spoke to a clerk in the 3rd floor.
Got the second!

My plan was to take Ginza Line at Omotesando Station, but I didn’t need to rush in my happy hike in autumn. I stopped by at Omotesando Hills to see the brilliant Christmas tree.
But what was waiting for me was a stimulating surprise.

ROBBERS broke into Harry Winston Tokyo Branch in Omotesando Hills at night on 20 November, the previous day of this trip!!!!!

Harry Winston, the jewelry shop in Omotesando Hills where there was a ROBBERY!!

Harry Winston is one of world’s most luxurious jewelry shops. According to the news, 3 robbers broke into the shop and took 40 items. The entire is worth 75 million yen (= around $6,250)!

It’s like a detective story, but it’s a TRUE story taken place in the most fashionable street in Japan.

So there was some traffic control, and I saw police officers and inspectors going in and out.
We can see the Christmas tree every winter.
It was obvious that the street was safe now. I was… kind of excited.

Oh, the Christmas tree was so beautiful.

Omotesando Hills with Christmas lights

Really beautiful!

The Christmas tree inside Omotesando Hills

I walked to Omotesando Station in front of the big Apple Store, and I get on Ginza Line subway.

3: Akasaka
I could be on the train longer, but I am an expert of Ginza Line.
I passed through Gaienmae, (What’s there? Keep reading.) but I dropped in at Akasaka-Mitsuke Station. The district around Akasaka-Mitsuke is politicians’ place in Japan because of the Diet Building there. It is very familiar to me – I used to go to school near here.
My interest was on another Bic Camera participating Tamago Lots.

This Bic Camera is quite new. It wasn’t when I was a student there. Judging from their leaflets, they opened this new store for international, especially Chinese, tourists who buy tons of stuff in Japan these years.

Bic Camera Akasaka 3 Language Floor Guide in the elevator

The store was surprisingly large, clean and cool – It has 10 floors!
I’m not sure you are one of tourists to go shopping in Japan, but I’m sure Bic Camera in Akasaka is a great place to get electrical equipment.

Got the 3rd Dream Tamago Lot!

My 3rd Tamago Lot!

Then, I went back to Ginza Line.

4: Ginza (Shimbashi)
I got off at Shimbashi. See the Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo, and you’ll see I crossed Tokyo City from west to east.

Ginza is old streets with many luxury brand shops spread from Shimbashi to Tokyo Station.
And there is a big toy store named, “Hakuhinkan.”

Hakuhinkan the toy store in Ginza

I got on the elevator – I found that it was an elevator with a spirit of the store managers.
According to the explanation, when they established Hakuhinkan in 1978, they wanted a cool elevator like SF movies.

The elevator in Hakuhinkan – Stairs are seen from inside.

The transparent elevator works by hydraulic power, so it causes some oily smells inside. This type is said to be so rare that we can find only a few in Japan.

Getting off the interesting elevator and getting the 4th Tamago Lot at the 4th floor, I went out and found that Ginza Street was a pedestrian street on weekends.

Ginza Crossing and pedestrian streets on weekends

It was a hike. I walked to the direction of Tokyo Station in the broad street with benches instead of cars in Mid Tokyo.

5: Ginza (Yurakucho)
I arrived at Yurakucho, which is next to Tokyo Station.
There is another super big Bic Camera!

Bic Camera Yurakucho Store – Really BIG!

I suppose it was because Bic Camera Yurakucho is too big. The shop clerks didn’t know Dream Tamago Lots, saying that another section was in charge. It seems that we can find anything electric in this store, and inevitably, this fact caused bureaucratism. And even the toy section clerks didn’t know at all!
So I explained that Dream Tamago Lot is an event by Bandai on 21, 22 and 23 November, people can get the lot if they show their tamagotchi at the specific toy stores, and Bic Camera Yurakucho was one of the stores – in short, from the basics.
My attempt was successful. The clerks found the lots and a copy of explanation from Bandai in the shelf behind the register.

Finally I got the last Dream Tamago Lot!
I entered a cafe and recorded my trip with staring at my Dream Tamago Lots.

Five Dream Tamago Lots I collected in Tokyo

Hiking Results

  • 13,952 steps (according to my counter)
  • 3 trains, total fares 463 yen (From Shibuya to Yurakucho)
  • 5 Dream Tamago Lots
  • plus great lunch, witnessing a robbery site, strolling in 4 popular streets in Tokyo City, and a long rest in a cafe

What a healthy autumn weekend!
I felt so satisfied to see my Tamago Lots… and footsteps. When you travel in Tokyo someday, I think my autumn hiking course can be a good example. Just remember it!

And please wish together.
Wish I win the Prize A; Tamagotchi Osechi in Dream Tamago Lots!

A box of Osechi – Kuchipatchi, please draw mine!

Yurakucho is next to Tokyo Station.
On 23 November, Kuchipatchi came to Tamagotchi Store Tokyo Station three times a day for celebration. Various people enjoyed taking photos with Kuchipatchi.

Kuchipatchi in Tamagotchi Store Tokyo Station

What do you like about tamagotchi?
My tamagotchi history is as I wrote here.
I am so happy to become friends with tamagotchi fans all over the world. I think that the reasons to love tamagotchi depend on the individual, but I believe that we all have the same wish that tamagotchi world will be fun and exciting more and more.

2016 will be Tamagotchi’s 20th Year.
Can we expect something special?
I believe, Yes, We Can!

2: Kapibara-san Cafe Tokyo Part 1

I once talked about the temporary Rilakkuma Cafe in August.
This time, the temporary Kapibara-san Cafe is open near Harajuku.
I NEEDED to report it!

Kapibara-san Cafe in Tokyo!

As it was so in Rilakkuma Cafe, the inside is full of Kapibara-sans.
On chairs, walls, ceilings…

2F of the Kapibara-san Cafe

What I think good is that Kapibara-san Cafe has two floors.
“Event cafes” like this are getting very popular in Tokyo, and Japan, now, so they tend to be so crowded that we need to be in a line. But it is much better this time; When I arrived, I found no line!

Clouds like heaven…

I thought that one of the menus was pretty interesting, so I ordered it for lunch.
It is a Chazuke Set – kind of Japanese risotto.

Kapibara-san Chazuke Set (1,380 yen + tax)

You pour green tea or soup into a bowl of rice and add a bit of something like steamed fish paste. It is a fast and junk food at home.
Basically, chazuke (also, ocha-zuke) is NOT on menus in any restaurant; It is too informal as a Japanese food. Therefore, I hadn’t had chazuke in a restaurant in my life. Honestly, it is not very familiar to young generations. I don’t have it, either.

Bream – It’s a celebration!

But this chazuke set was designed to be special to celebrate Kapibara-san’s 10th Anniversary.
The toppings are bream, which is served for celebrations in Japan, with truffle oil!
The combination of new things and nostalgia, I tried this Kapibara-san chazuke.

How to have chazuke…

I had one mistake. Perilla leaves (= shiso. See it on Wikipedia) I really hate were in the toppings, so I had to make every effort to remove them. I wanted to know it before I go the first nibble…
But the bream tasted very good. Can you feel it if I say it was like half-carpaccio, half-sushi?

So not everything was all right, but my stomach was not in the finest condition at that time, so the Kapibara-san chazuke was tender to me.

This cafe offers many drinks and desserts, too. Of course, Kapibara-san is featured to all.
I also ordered chamomile tea.

With flowers in the pot, it was amazingly floral!

Hidamari-san Chamomile Tea Set

Personally, I love this Hidamari-san (= “hidamari” means sunshine) the best in Kapibara-san series. Soft yellow body and floral mood… That’s perfect for me!!

This month, I end this topic.
But I have one more great food at Kapibara-san Cafe. I’ll talk about it next month. Don’t miss it & if you really go there, it’s open until 25 December!

Kapibara-san 10th Anniversary Cafe in Tokyo
At Sign Gaienmae
How to get there: Take Ginza Subway Line at Shibuya, Shimbashi, Asakusa, etc, and get off at Gaienmae Station. Go out from Exit 3 and the cafe is just in front of us.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Open on 3 November, 2015 – 25 December, 2015

Bonus: Noppon Brothers, the Tokyo Tower characters

Tokyo Tower is one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo. And as many cities, towns and places in Japan make their PR characters, Tokyo Tower has Noppon Brothers. I think they are so cute!

Noppon Brothers welcoming guests to Tokyo Tower

In November, Tokyo Tower started Christmas Lights. I’m going to share it with you on Tokyo Direct Diary in December.

Hope you enjoyed the adventures with me.
The next Kawaii News will go out around Christmas. Happy holidays!

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