Visas to Enter Japan

Short-Term Stay

If your stay in Japan is up to 90 days...


The citizens of 66 countries and regions are not required to obtain a visa to enter Japan because of the Visa Exemption Arrangements.
If you find your country or region in the following list, you can go sightseeing, attend business conferences, see your friends and families, study at Japanese language schools in a short term, etc., with only a valid passport.


North America

Andorra Canada
Austria** United States of America


Bulgaria Australia
Croatia New Zealand


Czech Republic Brunei*
Denmark Malaysia*
Estonia Republic of Korea
Finland Singapore
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Thailand*
France Hong Kong*
Germany** Macao*
Greece Taiwan*

Latin America and the Caribbean

Iceland Argentina
Ireland** Bahamas
Italy Barbados*
Latvia Chile
Liechtenstein** Costa Rica
Lithuania Dominican Republic
Luxembourg El Salvador
Malta Guatemala
Monaco Honduras
Netherlands Mexico**
Norway Surinam
Poland Uruguay

Middle East

Romania Israel
San Marino Turkey*


Slovakia Lesotho*
Slovenia Mauritius
Spain Tunisia
United Kingdom**  

Citizens of countries and regions with * have some extra requirements (about your passport in many cases).
Citizens of countries and regions with ** have the chance to extend your stay up to 6 months.


(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan official website, the links below as well)


Any paid activities are not permitted.
All foreign travelers in Japan are required to carry their passports all the time.
Up to 15 days for nationals of Brunei and Thailand.


If you are a citizen of...
China, apply for a visa from
Russia or NIS countries, apply for a visa from
Philippines, apply for a visa from


If you don't find your country in the list, and you are not a citizen of China, Russia, NIS countries nor Philippines, either, visa application is necessary.


Work or Long-Term Stay


When foreign nationals engage in paid activities in Japan, study in Japan, or stay in Japan for more than 90 days, etc., visas will be required to enter Japan.
This page is specified to tourists, so if you hope to learn those visas, please visit the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Working Holiday Visa


If you are between 18 and 25 (30 in some cases) and the citizens of the following countries and regions, you can obtain a working holiday visa, which allows you to stay in Japan for up to 1 year and to work for a certain period of your stay.

Hong Kong 
The Republic of Korea 
New Zealand 
The United Kingdom 




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