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Hello! Are you visiting Tokyo on your holiday or just thinking?
I am Kozue, the webmaster and writer of Tokyo Direct Guide. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, and started this travel guide site after some experience of international traveling.


Tokyo-Direct-Guide.com is an independent travel guide site by a local blogger, not government's tourism bureau nor a travel agency.


Tokyo is a very fascinating and busy city.
When I returned from my long-term travel, I realized that there was not much organized tourist information for international travelers in Tokyo - such as good leaflets, English maps, tourist information centers that are big and prominent enough, and everything that are in other countries.
Actually, many international travelers say it was very challenging to plan a trip because the city was too complicated. Some of them even got lost in an unknown place on their precious holiday.
It's heartbreaking to me that they were annoyed before jumping into Tokyo's excitement such as trends, pop culture, beautiful natural beauty, calm Japanese gardens, traditional festivals and seasonal events!


Moreover, have you realized that you have too many choices about accommodation? It depends on your 1 choice from more than 4200 hotels in Tokyo whether your trip becomes efficient or inefficient. Some hotel choices are even pointless from a local's point of view!


With my experience as an "international traveler," I decided to established a friendly and well-organized travel guide site of my hometown - that's Tokyo Direct Guide.


Tokyo Direct Guide & Blog Tokyo Direct Diary help you with eliminating those troubles, making it much simpler to plan your trip, saving time to struggle with the complicated maps, and having only fun things in Tokyo.


I enthusiasticaly hope that you enjoy Tokyo at the most with TDG.



Minimum Needs & All the Excitements


Tokyo Direct Guide starts from explanations about visas. All the essential information, including weather, Internet access, travel money, etc, is available inside this site.
Not only essentials, Tokyo Direct Guide & Diary include all the popular places in Tokyo.


Moreover, timely and seasonal topics are on Blog, Facebook and Twitter.


You won't miss anything to travel in Tokyo just by bookmarking Tokyo Direct Guide.


The Simplest Maps & Hotel Lists


You don't need to struggle to read Tokyo's spider-web-like maps nor to search the web to find a good hotel for hours any more.


The Easiest JR Train Maps & Subway Maps help you to travel freely like a local. I have received many "Thanks" via social media and emails from international travelers who avoided getting lost in Tokyo City.


Hotel lists and accommodation advice based on the locations in Tokyo City will be shortcuts to find a good hotel for each of you.


You will have much more time to be excited before your travel, and to enjoy more in Tokyo!


Completely Free & Secure


You can read and use all the contents for free without any registration. Browsing websites, blogs and social media is completely free. Tokyo Direct Guide is not an exception.
TDG is supported by advertisements enbedded on the pages, which means that advertisers pay to me when you use/visit their services. That's why travelers like you do not need to pay at all.
Hotel links in my sites lead to Booking. com, one of the leading hotel booking websites in the world, which offers perfect security and the most reasonable prices for each hotel.


If you are interested in supporting my project, you can find a tip jar at Ko-fi. But still, it's just an option - TDG is completely free to use!


Purely Independent - Why Not Get Insider's Travel Tips?


Tokyo Direct Guide is full of travel tips available only here.


TDG is NOT in partnership with any travel agencies, hotels, etc, who promote tourism and their own business, which enables me to promise that the articles are written objectively from 100% traveler's point of view.
Enjoy TDG sites, and you've learned everything to travel in Tokyo without realizing so.


Have a great time in Tokyo, Japan!


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