Emergency & Safety

Emergency Numbers in Japan


Telephone Number of the Police 110
Telephone Number of the Fire Brigade and Ambulance 119


In case you call them, tell them your name, location, the kind of your trouble (sickness or injury, fire, crime, accident) and the details.
They are Emergency numbers. If you have a general question, it is tactful to call your travel insurance company so that you can get certain detailed information in your language.
Here are public numbers for international people in Japan.


  • Tokyo English-Speaking Police Telephone
  • 03-3501-0110 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:15pm)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center “Himawari”
  • 03-5285-8181 (Mon-Fri 5pm - 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9am - 8pm)
  • Emergency Medical Interpretation Service (English/Spanish/Chinese/Korean/Thai) during visits to medical institutions
  • 03-5285-8185 (Mon-Fri 5pm - 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9am - 8pm)


(Attention: You don't need to dial 03 when you call inside Japan. Just push 8 numbers.)


Proudly One of the Safest Countries in the World

Japan is Rank 8 out of 162 countries in Global Peace Index (2014, by Vision of Humanity), the world's leading measure of national peacefulness. This demonstrates the small number of violent crimes and the political stability. Tokyo is famous for its safety and security. Criminals targeting tourists, such as pickpockets, are not reported in Tokyo.


However, we must note that crazy people do exist in some areas in a large city.
I show you nightlife districts in Tokyo so that you will not step in by mistake.


Nightlife Districts in Tokyo


  • Kabukicho area in Shinjuku

Kabukicho is the largest entertainment district in Japan. It is known as a very dangerous area by the locals. If you have no particular reason there, especially at night, I don't recommend you to stroll along this street.
Robbery, assaults, drug-related crimes, etc, are reported.

Other areas in Shinjuku are safe.

  • Roppongi

Some violent crimes taken place in Roppongi at night frightened the Japanese locals who saw them on TV news.
Several embassies issue a warning for travelers.
Robbery, assaults, drug-related crimes, etc, are reported.

In the daytime, Roppongi is completely safe and secure.
There are Japanese branches of worldwide companies, embassies, and some tourist attractions such as an observatory and museums in Roppongi area, so some international travelers must have their purpose there.
You don't need to worry at all when you visit those places located in the main streets.