Kawaii Character News – January, 2017


  1. Kawaii New Year 2017
  2. Chibi Tamagotchi is Going to be Released in March!
  3. Further Reviews of Pokemon Sun & Moon
  4. More of Jimbei san

Happy New Year! Welcome to Kawaii Character News on Tokyo Direct Diary 2017. I uploaded many photos in this issue. Enjoy!

1: Kawaii New Year 2017

January is the best time in a year to meet kawaii characters in Japanese costumes. I’d like to share the cute items with you by many photos!


I think that Rilakkuma has the biggest number of items of New Year.

We can see some Rilakkumas in kimono in the other seasons, too, but there are not this many. My personal recommendation is the Rilakkuma daruma, which is the red round plush in the first photo. How about you?

Hello Kitty

Kapibara san

Kapibara-san’s costume is not just a kimono, but clothing in the Heian Era (around 1000 years ago) when the original Japanese culture bloomed.


The CUTE kimono fits Miffy so much.

If you are visiting Japan in January, make sure to get some of them. Which is your favorite?

2: Chibi Tamagotchi is Going to be Released in March!

Bandai announced that Chibi (Mini) Tamagotchi, which is a miniature of the original tamagotchi back in 1996, is going to be released in early April!! There is going to be an event in March to sell them earlier than the official launch. To see them, please open Bandai’s official website.

An idea hit me that it’s time to show MY first tamagotchi to the WORLD. This is.

MY First Tamagotchi (White & Spirals) in 1996

It is a White with Pink & Blue Spirals, which was one of the new colors released in the unexpected tamagotchi craze. The pink spirals have faded in time, but my mind can see them all! The chain is so rusty because it has been displayed in my room since I was a child.

In my childhood, I would raise so many Mametchis in this “tamagotchi house”. If I am asked to show one tamagotchi, I choose this one.

Writing this issue of Kawaii News, sad news hit tamagotchi fans all over the world; Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku is going to close on 26 February.

But we don’t forget that exciting things also are coming. I’m waiting to get an “original” tamagotchi again.

3: Further Reviews of Pokemon Sun & Moon

I wrote some reviews of Pokemon Sun & Moon released in the Kawaii News of last November. This is the epilogue.

I finished the story in one week from the launch; it is the fastest in my gaming history although I didn’t have much free time to play it.

I said that Sun & Moon was easier than former Pokemon games. But this time, I want to say that it was TOO easy.

Pokemon Sun & Moon of Japanese edition
“Simple” Maps

When it comes to video games, the clearer the screen becomes, more fantasy-like the world in the game appears to be. For example, when you see a PC in every Pokemon Center drawn/painted by 25 dots, you can imagine that it is an old computer of Windows 95. On the contrary, the PCs in Pokemon Sun & Moon look to have higher technology than our devices, and that’s the fixed fact of Alola.

Maps are larger and more detailed in Sun & Moon than in any other pokemon games, and this made me feel that the world was small and simple – there is only one road to proceed, and there is not the margin to imagine that there are more streets, more people, more flowers in the world, either. As a result, the game became simple and easy to advance.

“Simple” Drama

Sun & Moon focused on the named characters’ emotions. As far as I see it, players who are anime fans – whichever they like Pokemon’s anime or others – like it, but the problem is I am not one of them. If the game puts priority on the drama, I want it to be more complicated. The story was too easy for me to understand again.

To be honest, Sun & Moon was not what I think is Pokemon. Generally, I’m not a cynical person who is always complaining about favorite things, but I couldn’t help reviewing as above.

I hope the game designers to rethink of the identity of Pokemon for the future. Should it be easy for young players? Should it be anime-like or stay being a video game? I look forward to their answers.

4: More of Jimbei san – Big & Mini

I’ve been checking Jimbe san by San-X since last year because he (?) fits my sense so much! What pleased me was that new items were released this winter!

BIG plush!

Small plush! Who loves Jimbe san? I hope to follow this pastel-colored underwater world!


Hope you kicked off a good year.

Actually, I had a server trouble on 23 January, when I was going to publish this Kawaii News. (I informed you of that on Tumblr.) That’s why I am publishing this on 25 January. Fortunately, the trouble was not something very serious. Let me say thank you for waiting!

I will keep sharing the fluffiest stories with you on Blog Tokyo Direct Diary in 2017. Wish you a wonderful year and see you in February!

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