Kawaii Character News – August, 2015

I have 4 topics about Rilakkuma, Miffy, Tamagotchi and more this month. Enjoy cool summer!

1: Limited Rilakkuma Cafes in Mid Tokyo

Temporary Rilakkuma Cafes are open in Shibuya, Harajuku/Omotesando and Ebisu until 30 August. We can have foods and drinks that Rilakkuma is featured in the cozy cafes decorated with all Rilakkuma.

Rilakkuma Berry Peach Tea

I visited that in Harajuku. It is along Omotesando, the most fashionable avenue in Japan.

Rilakkuma Cafe along Omotesando Avenue, Tokyo

Want to see the foods?

We can order hamburger steak plate, parfait, Japanese sweets (dorayaki and ammitsu,) coffee, hot tea, iced cocoa, and iced berry peach tea. The other two cafes offer different menus.

Rilakkuma Cafe Omotesando Menu (& the table)

Rilakkumas are everywhere – On the table, walls and even in the ceiling. Personally, the very short movies on the screen were so… relaxing.

RIlakkuma Cafe inside – the tables, walls, videos… and cactus pots 

I ordered the parfait. The orange and mango were so cool!

Rilakkuma Dararan Parfait!

If you want the glass, marshmallows, etc, you can buy them at the cafe.

The Cafe & souvenirs

Temporary cafes featuring characters are often seen these days in Japan and I suppose that Pikachu Cafe I once reported was one of the forerunners. This kind of cafes are really cute and amazingly, the foods are good as well, but there is one problem; They are too popular that they get crowded soon. Sometimes, extremely crowded.
Fortunately, I waited just some minutes to enter Rilakkuma Cafe although it was lunch time. But when you visit a temporary character cafe like this, I advise you to go there when it opens at 10 or 11, or avoid busy times.

The outside of Rilakkuma Cafe Omotesando

It is located between the crossing and Kiddy Land. How cool!
When Rilakkuma leaves these 3 cafes at the end of August, they will be normal cool cafes in the coolest districts in Tokyo.

Rilakkuma Cafes
Omotesando: Tower Record Cafe Omotesando (2F of the building) 10:00 – 22:00 (order by 21:00)

Shibuya: Tower Record Cafe Shibuya (2F of Tower Record, the big CD shop.) 10:00 – 23:00 (order by 22:00)
Yebisu: Tower Dining Ebisu 12:00 – 17:00 (order by 16:00)

Until 30 August, 2015

2: Summer Miffy Plush

Many characters enjoy the vibrant season in colorful costumes.
Some are in aloha shirts (see the next topic!) and others are in summer kimono, but Miffy attracted my attention. She is in a happi, Japanese summer festival clothing!

Miffy in happi

Personally, the Miffy face silhouette on her chest is so cute!!
We expect cute characters to be as fluffy and colorful as bouquets, but sometimes, how about Fine, Active Miffy?

3: Summer Tamagotchi Plush

I can’t miss the bouquets after all. Tamagotchis in aloha fashion are available only in summer.
Just seeing them makes us happy, doesn’t it?

Mametchi & Lovelitchi in aloha styles

Kushipatchi & Lovesolatchi in beach styles

cf: New Station Officer plush items were released last month. They are available ONLY in Tama Sto Tokyo Station. Oh, there are still Station Master Kuchipatchis I uploaded once, too!

RARE Station Officer Tamagotchis limited in Tokyo Station

4: Kirby’s Picnicking in Kiddy Land Harajuku!

I don’t see many Kirby goods in the city. I suppose it is because Kirby is branded as a video game hero, not as a cute character for our daily items.
But the round and pink hero appeared in Kiddy Land (a big and popular toy store in Harajuku) on 22 August.

Kirby at Kiddy Land Harajuku, Tokyo

It is a good chance for us to get Kirby items!
It is a rare chance for us to get many Kirby items, so this happens….

A long line…

It happens because the temporary Kirby section inside Kiddy Land is not large.
I saw some Kirby fans stunned to see this line. Yes, Tokyo is a city where things like this sometimes happen. I have talked about FUNNY stories like this in Crowded Tokyo label. If you want to burst into laughter to brow away the hot summer, I’m sure this is the craziest!
Don’t worry, Kirby stays at Kiddy Land until 18 September. And here is a tip. If you aren’t interested in the limited items, there are some Kirby items in the 3rd floor.

Normal Kirby items (and Mario Bros.)

These are 4 topics for August. You love them?
Hope you have colorful summer days. See you next month!

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