Shoebills in Ueno Zoo? What Are They?

Here is a strange bird near flamingos in Ueno Zoo.

A shoebill in Ueno Zoo

They are Shoebills (Wikipedia is so helpful to search the name in English and your language).
They are known as birds that rarely move like sculptures, but when some people and I was watching, suddenly…

He flied!!!!
Everyone shouted, “Ahhhh!!”

…I believe that dinosaurs are birds’ ancestors. Should I visit National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno Park?

Once people believed that dinosaurs stood like Godzilla,

But we don’t today.
Yeah, the following is correct today.

But it won’t be the absolute truth. The theory that dinosaurs had plumage is getting influential. We tend to believe scientific facts are always true, but they change in the history.

Children in the future will laugh, “Haha! People of decades ago used to believe dinosaurs were bald!”

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