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Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Spot – Yoyogi Park, Harajuku

Beside the coolest streets in Japan, Yoyogi Park is a large place of green. It is also known as a popular place for cherry blossoms in March and early April.





When I talked about early-blooming kinds of sakura, I showed those in Yoyogi Park. (The post is here.)
This year, I finally share standard sakura blooming fully there with you!

I have listed great cherry blossom spots in Tokyo here. You see, each place have its characteristics. It depends on what you want to do and see during your trip to Tokyo which place is the best for you.

For who is Yoyogi Park a good place?

I’d like to point out 3 things about Yoyogi Park.

First, let’s see the atmosphere.

The cherry tree area is like this. (I wish the sky had been a little bluer… But I believe that’s beautiful enough.)

Yes, Yoyogi Park is a place for picnicking! So there is much “family” atmosphere on the ground. If you wish to have a sakura-viewing party with your friends and families, I think that you can do so casually in Yoyogi Park; You spread a sheet on the lawn!

Second, it is a large park to take a rest and have a fun. There is much space and many other trees, so you can enjoy cherry blossoms in much green in Tokyo City.

It’s a park, so there are many benches and places to sit; I personally believe that it is quite rare in busy Tokyo City. It’s a good idea to take some foods and have them in the park!

The last feature is simple; Yoyogi Park is in Harajuku, one of the most popular destinations in Tokyo!!

It is highly possible that Harajuku is on your travel schedule. Then, you just drop in at the park and view cherry blossoms before or after you enjoyed the Japanese coolest streets!

Hope you explored a beautiful day in this post. Do you go to Yoyogi Park for cherry blossoms?

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