A Video of Capybara Mother & Babies in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

2 capybara babies were born in Ueno Zoo in October 2013. If only I had known it earlier!
This is a short movie in which they move just a bit…

They are napping in the warm sunshine.
So cute!

 As many of you will envy them, eating and sleeping are all for capybara’s life.

Talking about capybaras, a character named Kapibara-san (Japanese-like pronunciation of capybara + title) is very popular in Japan. Do you know them?

Their easygoing lifestyle (eating & sleeping) relax people.
Just in case you love Kapibara-san, you can see the real capybaras in Ueno Zoo!

I’ll come back to Ueno Zoo to see you, Luna, Mar and Rio!

The Quickest Guide to Ueno for travelers: http://tokyo-direct-guide.com/mustsees/ueno.html

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