Kawaii Character News – December, 2017


  1. Tamagotchi Reprinted Edition & Anniversary Gift m!x at Kiddy Land!
  2. Reviews of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
  3. Kawaii Christmas & New Year 2017 – 2018
  4. Thank You from TDD 2017

Merry Christmas! This is the last Kawaii News in 2017. Was it a good year for you? (I wish so!) Anyway, I’d like to share cute stuff with you as usual. Enjoy!

1: Tamagotchi Reprinted Edition & Anniversary Gift m!x at Kiddy Land

Back on 23 November, 2017, 2 big surprises hit us. One is the original tamagotchi reprints and the other is the Anniversary Gift Mix set of Tamagotchi m!x series.

When I went to Kiddy Land Harajuku, the popular toy store that I report often in Kawaii News, I was so surprised to see THIS MANY!

In the ground floor, they stored so many tamagotchi reprints of all the colors. The TV commercial was on the screen.

I found so many AGAIN in the 3rd floor!

Not only tamagotchi reprints, there are also Anniversary Gift m!x sets, which were released back on 23 November,  and the M!X Station.

I feel so proud to see so many tamagotchis at the popular toy store in Harajuku.

If you are thinking of buying tamagotchis somewhere in Tokyo, Kiddy Land Harajuku is definitely the best option!


2: Reviews of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

I finished my Ultra Sun! Ultra Sun & Moon was a little more difficult to play than Sun & Moon, which I wrote was too easy, wasn’t it? I’d like to write my feelings about Ultra Sun Moon here.

Team Rainbow Rocket

I like Team Rainbow Rocket very much. The essences of every villain were condensed in the story. The SF-like setting attracted me, too.


Have you successfully found all the 100 stickers? Actually, I haven’t… 4 stickers are left somewhere in the world. I have the list, but I forgot which I took and which I missed, so…

Identity of Pokemon Series for the future

I’ve been wondering what Pokemon series is aiming since I saw the TV commercial of Team Rainbow Rocket. I understand they offer everything that appeared in the history in Ultra Sun & Moon, but doesn’t it sound as if previous Pokemon series was ending?

Pokemon has got incredibly huge audiences from young children playing a video game for the first time to skilled fans hatching tens of thousands of eggs. Technologies for video games have changed, too. In my opinion, recent years are the time for Pokemon to rethink of its identity. The new generation might come soon. I don’t persist in the history. Hope the new age will be something wonderful!

3: Kawaii Christmas & New Year 2017 – 2018

It’s Christmas time!

Unfortunately, I feel that kawaii stuff makers don’t sell many seasonal items these days. But, yes, I managed to find Santa Clause Rilakkuma! The Rilakkuma brand is so fine!

After Christmas, the streets become suddenly very Japanese for the New Year celebrations. Hello Kitty is in kimono, too.

Yes, Rilakkumas are very Japanese again!

Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Thank You from Tokyo Direct Diary 2017

Thank you very much for following Kawaii News by Tokyo Direct Diary this year again! I’m so happy to share my beloved cute things with you!!  I got so many rewards from blogging and I’m motivated by them so much.

Things are changing all the time.

For example, it’s a story of last December that I was looking for a new hairdresser in Harajuku. Later I found an excellent hairdresser and I was so happy about that, but the story didn’t end at this point. She decided to move to San Francisco next month!!! (If you live in San Francisco, say hello to Ayako.) So I must look for a new hairdresser again this winter…

What I want to say is that it is getting hard for me to keep publishing Kawaii News every month. I started the Kawaii News project back in June, 2015, when I became friends with overseas Tamagotchi fans, Pokemon fans, Rilakkuma fans and Totoro fans. More than 2 years have passed and things around me have changed. I wish to keep Kawaii News, but I may make some changes in the near future. In that case, I’ll surely inform you on the web.

Nobody can see the future. And I believe changes are signs of hope. When you approach your goals, things around you change, right?

Thank you again for following me! See you soon in 2018!!

(Updated in January, 2018)

Considering many things, I decided to shift Kawaii News from the monthly style to individual blog posts. I know some of you wait for the latest issue in your email box every month, but I believe I can focus on each content whenever I like in the new style. Thank you for following Kawaii News & hope you keep enjoying Blog Tokyo Direct Diary!

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