Kawaii Character News – June, 2017


  1. Report of Tokyo Toy Show 2017
  2. Tamagotchi Dream m!x version Revealed at Tokyo Toy Show!
  3. 3 Best Items at Rilakkuma Store Now!
  4. Kapibara san for Your Smart Device
  5. A ROBOT in the Kawaii Shop?!
  6. Bonus: Cyber Gadget booth at Tokyo Toy Show

Hello, kawaii character fans! June is the month of International Tokyo Toy Show. I have so many things to talk about it, and also found things I really want to share with you outside. Enjoy Kawaii News!

1: Report of Tokyo Toy Show 2017

Tokyo Toys Show 2017 was held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center on 3 & 4 June (public days). This was the second time for me to go there; my first visit was last year. Now I know howtos there!

Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center

Amazingly, it is FREE to enter it. Let’s enter now!

Kawaii Stuff

The show is all about toys including educational toys for little children, items of super heroes & heroines, miniature cars, outdoor toys, toys for enthusiasts, character toys, etc. Yes, it’s a paradise for us!



I headed for Bandai booth at first because it is maybe the most popular in the big hall. I suppose many of you are interested in Tamagotchi mix Dream m!x version, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll talk about it down in this article!

Bandai booth entrance at International Tokyo Toy Show 2017
Bandai booth entrance

Bandai Booth Digimon Section

Digimon series is celebrating the 20th anniversary.

digimon toys at tokyo toy show 2017

digimon toys at tokyo toy show 2017

digimon toys at tokyo toy show 2017

Please let me talk about Appmon a little. (Contains spoilers.)

What attracted my attention in Episode 27 was that the two super AIs were watching Yuujin as a new Appli Driver from the background. They were silently fighting against each other about the treatment of him – that’s very interesting to me. But what I think is that, if Haru just works for Minerva the good AI as it wishes, he CANNOT be the protagonist – he ends up with being a pawn and it means the protagonist was Minerva. Then, I remember the fact that it is an AI. Although Leviathan is obviously evil, Minerva’s goodness will not be absolute. And remember, although Minerva gave an Appli Drive to Haru, it did not promise that he can surely become a “main character” that he always wished to be. It said, “All depend on you.” I imagine that Haru will have different opinions from Minerva as an independent boy – in other words, as the protagonist to lead the story. Speaking concretely, even if Minerva chooses to risk Yuujin’s life to finish Leviathan destroying humanity, Haru will choose another way to save his best friend as well as people.

That’s my prediction. If it comes true, I’ll be SUPER PROUD of myself!

digimon toys at tokyo toy show 2017

Throughout my Tokyo Direct Guide project, I never recommend anything I don’t think good. Come on, my friends. You are not too late!


Bandai Booth Tamagotchi Section

Thank you for waiting. This is the Tamagotchi section inside Bandai booth! There were 3 attractions waiting for us & the latest information.

Anyone can try the Child Simulator there. Of course, I did. The following is my result…

Kuchipatchi x Yumemitchi

SO CUTE. It’s worth raising Kuchipatchi and Yumemitchi, right? If you try the simulation, you can get a limited sticker.

The Limited Sticker at Tokyo Toy Show 2017

This is not the only attraction at the Tamagotchi section. New limited download items were available there! Concretely, our boy tama can marry Coffretchi and we can download the original wallpaper for Tamagotchi mix.

We can get them from the black tama for events that a Bandai staff member has. My tama had his wedding there!!

My Tama Married Coffretchi at Tokyo Toy Show!

The Tamagotchi section was promoting Tamagotchi mix Dream m!x version, which is going to be released next month. I write about it in the next topic, so please let me talk about one more thing at Bandai booth.

Do you remember Cocotama? The Tamagotchi Movie back in May collaborated with Cocotama. Digimon section was next to the Tama, and Cocotama section was across from it.

The next Tokyo Toy Show is going to be held on 9 & 10 June, 2018. Can you imagine what will come next year?

2: Tamagotchi Dream m!x version Revealed

Tamagotchi mix Dream m!x version, which is going to be released on 15 July, appeared first at Tokyo Toy Show!

The key feature is that we can meet Yumemitchi & Kiraritchi again. It seems they are very popular characters in the 20-year history of tamagotchi. How many got excited?

Spacytchi is also a limited character in Dream m!x version, too.

Dream m!x version has 2 colors; pink & blue. They were on display with all the other Tamagotchi m!x.

Can you see? Their designs are so sparkly!

Dream m!x version is the world of Yume & Kira. The other features are…

  • Dream Town – Your tama can go to Dream Town, meet Dream School teachers, become friends with Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi and Spacytchi, and marry them.
  • Limited items & mini game – Yume Kira items are available and the new dancing game is playable.
  • Music Cafe – Your tama can have a meal at Music Cafe!

I repeat that Dream m!x version is coming on 15 July. Can you sit and wait??


Bandai Official Website

3: 3 Best Items at Rilakkuma Store Now!

There are some new products of new themes at Rilakkuma Store!

First, do you remember the Honey Forest theme? I found some great decorations for your desk.

Second, when talking about souvenirs, things of the country are so attractive, aren’t they? It’s a bonsai raising kit of Rilakkuma!

But the biggest impact on my heart was this.

SO MANY!!! Just seeing a shelf-ful colorful Rilakkumas made me so happy!

Those items reminds me of how attractive Rilakkuma is. What kind of Rilakkuma stuff do you love? Tell me!


Kiddy Land Harajuku

4: Kapibara san for Your Smart Device

I’d been missing my beloved Kapibara san for months. Finally in June, I found something fantastic!

Kapibara san’s smart device case!!! What’s amazing is that they are kind of free size, not just for a specific model. It doesn’t say it’s for any size, but it is sure that an M Size covers many. Have you been annoyed with finding a good case for your device from the huge variations?

I’m using a Kuchipatchi pouch for mine, but this might be my next one.

5: A ROBOT in the Kawaii Shop?!

Do you remember the new kawaii character shop in Harajuku that replaced Tamagotchi Department Store?

Last time I went to Harajuku, I was stunned to see a ROBOT there. Literally, a ROBOT.

You can ask something on the touch panel on his chest. It is not a plastic doll, but an intelligent robot. If you go there, just say hell to him & shop there.

Don’t ask me why the shop hired(?) a robot. I don’t know why. Without any context, he was there.


Marche the kawaii shop Replacing Tama Depa Harajuku

6: Bonus: Cyber Gadget booth at Tokyo Toy Show

So, Tokyo Toy Show is such an exciting event. The exhibition hall is decorated so colorfully and we can see many kawaii stuff.

But… I found a very quiet booth just behind pastel Sumikko Gurashi. It was a booth of Cyber Gadget, which is a famous company of video game related products such as screen protectors, dedicated controllers for enthusiasts, etc.

Cyber Gadget leaflet I got

Their booth was all monochrome and very quiet. They featured a gadget to play old video games and save its  data. I understand it’s a great product. Also, they were selling a magnifiers for New Nintendo 3DS at the Tokyo Toy Show price – it was just 100 yen!!!!! Consider it as $1!!!!! This price is less than 10% of the market price!!!!! Unfortunately, my 3DS is the original 3DS, so I didn’t buy it, but I learned a miraculous discount can happen at Tokyo Toy Show. And still, the booth was all monochrome and very quiet.

That’s how I found a diversity of Tokyo Toy Show.


Hope you enjoyed Kawaii News of June. See you in July!

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