Kawaii Character News – March, 2017


  1. Report of Chibi Tamagotchi Pre-launch Event!
  2. A NEW Kawaii Shop Opened in Harajuku!
  3. Bonus Topics from Kiddy Land

Hello, everyone! March is definitely the highest season for Tokyo Direct Diary because Cherry Blossom season is approaching. But I don’t forget Kawaii News – I also have hot topics about kawaii characters!

1: Report of Chibi Tamagotchi Pre-launch Event!

An event was held in Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, Tokyo, on 17 – 20 March, 2017. In the evening on 17 Mar, some popular comedians came to have a talk show. We could buy the Chibi Tamagotchi before its official launch on 8 April. I went there to report it!!

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba – SO BIG!

First of all, I must say I was amazed to see the building – it’s so HUGE that it cannot stay in my camera frame! I usually don’t go to Akihabara district, so this was my first visit to the Yodobashi Camera. While writing this report, I feel it was a lucky chance for me to learn that there’s such a fantastic shopping center that is literally filled with cool electric stuff.

The Tamagotchi event was held in the 6th floor, the toy section. I was amazed again to see the long line to the reginsters – I hadn’t had an idea that there is such a popular toy store in the world!

There was a display of tamagotch history, which was beautifully made for this event.

How many tamas do you know? Of course, the original tamagotchis were in the showcase.

We could touch and play the Chibi Tamagotchis of all the 6 colors.

According to the Bandai sellers, the sky blue was the most popular in the event, so they were about to be sold out!

The shelf, Kuchipatchi and Memetchi came from Tama Depa Harajuku that sadly closed in February. I wish I’ll meet them in future events as well.

I chose the blue see-through.

As I showed you before, my first tamagotchi was the white & spirals, which wasn’t selected for the Chibi Tamagotchi this time. The see-through was my second choice – I don’t find see-through toys these days, so it reminds of old days. I feel it’s simply interesting to look at what are inside a toy. Don’t you think so?

Chibi Tamagotchi is simplified from the originals in the size and how to care, but other things are same to 1996. I’m feeling SO GOOD. I love Tamagotchi mix, but the original tamagotchi has cuteness in other ways.

In conclusion, I’m happy to attend this Pre-launch event because the atmosphere was pretty good there. The official launch is on 8 April. Everyone, please wait a moment!

P.S. There is a Square Enix Cafe in the ground floor of this Yodobashi Camera. It’s a dream destination for Final Fantasy fans.

2: A NEW Kawaii Shop Opened in Harajuku!

Kiddy Land Harajuku is so popular among kawaii character fans in the world, but it is not the only place for them. When I went to Harajuku this month, I found a new shop opened in Takeshita Street!

If you felt you’ve seen it somewhere before, you are right. It replaced Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku, which sadly closed last month. …How do you feel about it?

The shop is full of kawaii stuff such as Rilakkuma, My Neighbor Totoro, Pokemons, Sumikko Gurashi, etc.

Not only cute things, I found video game characters, Disney and even some Japanese souvenirs.

What attracted my attention is that the cute & pop decorations are just as those of Tama Depa Harajuku. I’m feeling complicated.

What do you think of it? Do you want to go there?

3: Two Bonus Topics from Kiddy Land

2 More stories.

First, I referred to Square Enix Cafe above, and I also find some SQEX items in Kiddy Land.

I think it is pretty rare to meet Chocobos there.

If I translate something in the low shelf in the photo, “Please do not open the boxes to check out what’s inside.” It’s a notice from the store. This kind of boxes are kind of draws that I don’t know which doll will come to me – don’t get into trouble with the store for your love to FF!

The other topic is that my love to Jimbe-san doesn’t stop.

I love its undersea world VERY MUCH. In my opinion, it has everything that is necessary for kawaii characters!

A new theme came out again. I wish Jimbe-san will become even more popular!


March is crazy for me, but I’m happy to share many things with you. And I feel so sorry that I didn’t talk about Rilakkuma for two months… Maybe next month.

In April, cherry blossoms will bloom and we’ll be in the most beautiful season in Japan. Hopefully I share some pale pink stuff – See you in April!

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